Saturday, May 19, 2012

Saturday morning news.

How depressing.

A reply from Ayah. It seems to me that the tram driver is now in the red car being chased by the police for trying to run over that poor bloke and his horse.

But even more depressing was when Adam asked;

Adam: Is that story real? I wanted to reply in a joking way but I'm afraid it's real news. I don't want to sound mean.
Bella: Of course it is. True story. Fresh from Leicester.
Adam: Serious? But Leicester where got trams?
Bella: OMG. Of course it's not a real news. Awak tau tak tram tu laju mana? And it has to stay on track what's the point running away from it? Argghhh.
Adam: Mana la kita taaauuuuuuuuu... *innocent look gaya gaya sepohon kayu daunnya rimbun

Muka bangun tidur tak gosok gigi terus makan biskut sambil discuss pasal mamat kena kejar tram.

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Adam said...

eeiii eeeiiii comelnye die :P