Saturday, October 10, 2009

a year passed, and you're still the same, dear:)

BestestFreakingFriend : yana

LongLostFriend : ceca

i miss KLIA already:)

Friday, October 9, 2009

stories to share, secrets to spill.

this week has been one of the most exciting week eversince i started risking my life by accepting the kmb offer. everything was beautiful. almost perfect. minus the fact that i haven't finished my IA, the rest was awesome. splendid. i have never been THIS happy [or bahagia] for quite some time. [asyik emo3 and koyak je, bile nak gumbira kan??] :)

had my UKCAT on monday. result? oh oh don't ask. memang kelam kabut. i was panicking to death the moment i started clicking "OK". it felt as if the clock had stopped ticking, all i could hear was the click sound of the mouse. there were four of us in that small freezing cold room. the atmosphere was tense. the air was thick, i could barely breathe. [dah macam cerita hantu!] haha but thank god, everything went well. been stalking a perdana, got stuck in a traffic jam, arrived late, had a quick breakfast at mamak, and wooshh tadaa! ukcat!! haha the rest of the day was terrific. been here and there, penat beyond words. almost involved in an accident. lost in petaling jaya sekejap. had koyak3 moment some more, but koyak for a DAMN good reason, so okay laa. kerinduan terhadap encik teppanyaki terubat, finally. and after years of nandos, i eventually had kenny rogers for dinner. awesome. monday was never that PERFECT:)

nothing much. math quiz on differential equations the first thing in the morning. chemistry lab- eksperimen celup3. statistics- takfaham since i was absent on monday. tuesday blues a bit [sebab weekend panjang sangat]

the highlight of the week. kmb had its raya celebration, colourful. who knows there's a feast going on in the middle of palm oil estate?? haha sorry, but the food couldn't sucks less. eiiyewwww. barely finish ANY of them. muaz had a good voice, though. boleh laa:) an incident with a bunch of juniors sitting behind me in the hall could be the joke of the day. hahaha pictures everywhere. camwhoring. took a picture [two actually] with amethyst yg sangat comel:PP had fun, HELL lots of fun. love my classymates!! and you, and her, and everyone, too:)

in rush, tak sempat pun change into something more casual. so berangkatlah sepasukan kmbian in their raya dress to KLIA. sending off MSU students to bangalore, india. BYE3 AZIE..!! we shall miss you here!! heheee but the bestest most awesomest part was... i finally get to meet YANA!! my oh my, it was like a dream, never wanted to wake up from it. after about one year++, we finally jumpa lagi!! typical bella and yana, camwhoring tengah3 KLIA. [credit to mami and nadz:] met ceyca: sweet old friend from sbpi temerloh, we knew each other during perfect score camp at sester 07. tired like pfft. but takyah cakap la. wednesday was a BLAST!

chem test. aaaa horror! [ i always hate tests and quizzes and yg sewaktu dgnnya] *sigh* laptop crash, or hang kejap kott. merajuk la tu. huhu in the evening, statistics consultation with teacher arni. listened to her story about someone, so true:PP they said stats IRP was damn susah nak mati. i didn't do it, so taktauu. but eventually kne buat jugakk. *sigh lagi*
that night sangatlah comel. beautiful, but weird. two biggest secrets of all time were finally spilled. no, they aren't secrets, just stories. true stories:) had my EE left hanging because someone was in the air, feet not touching the ground. haha crap. english deteriorating. *sigh lagi lagi* thursday---perasaan macam budak darjah 3:PP [baby sheep comel:]

finallyy, submitted my EE 1st draft!! well, not really first draft pon, just the introduction blah blah.. but at least got something, okay what?? hehee still in the air. kesian izleen, penat melayan. [berkat jumaat kott:] up until now, im still very much bahagiaaaaaaa ~~ penat la asyik nak koyak3 je:)


oh, i can foresee the darkness ahead- IA punye pasal.

_layan sy bahagia kejap, okay? ala, bukan selalu pun:)

Friday, October 2, 2009

it's not that he's a jerk, he just doesn't like you.

i'm on the phone and my bestfriend he's upset
you're going off about something that makes him sad
cuz you didn't get his humor like i do

he's out in town on a typical saturday night
you couldn't guess where cuz he's out of your sight
cuz you didn't know his story like i do

he wears sweatshirt you say he's nerd
he won't open up when you wish he shares his secrets
dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find
he's asking you out well honey please stop trying

if you could see that he's not the one who wants you
never there not even once so why can't you see
you don't belong with him

walking the mall with you and your gucci
i cannot help thinking this is how it ought to be
laughing at my place thinking to myself
hey this cannot be it

and you've got shoes that can alert everyone around
i haven't heard it in a while since you switched to pumps
you say you're fine i know you better than that
i feel sorry for you have to wait like that

he drinks coffee you would prefer chocolate
he won't open up when you wish he shares his secrets
dreaming bout the day when you wake up and find
he's asking you out well honey please stop trying

if you could see that he's not the one who wants you
never there not even once so why can't you see
you don't belong with him

standing by and waiting at the back door
all this time how could you not know baby
you don't belong with him

i remember you trying very hard just to make everything right
he's the one who makes you cry when you wish that he just die
i know your favourite brands and you make it very clear
that i cannot afford them but do you think he gives a damn . .

[ you don't belong with him - but i didn't say i do ]