Sunday, March 31, 2013

Dear future.

Soundtrack in Dear Future 
(search Bernard Hiew on FB and his video, Dear Future)

Dear future Bella, you love him enough to let your freshly washed hair smell of ikan bilis from cooking dinner just now. Remember that twenty years from now. 

Or maybe, remember that tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heaven is a place on Earth with you.

I'm typing this in bed while having Ben and Jerry's Half Baked (because I couldn't find anything else for breakfast) with Adam on my side snuggling tight in his coccoon of duvet, insisting that it was ONLY 8.55am not ALREADY 8.55am.

Lesson one, find someone with the same biological clock as yours.

I'm still in the UK. Belfast, to be exact. Leicester was snowing terribly last weekend, and I was stuck at East Midlands Airport for almost 7 hours. Our flight to New York was from Dublin, and I you can guess, I couldn't make it to Dublin in time. I had to miss the flight.

We had the option to reschedule my flight to New York, but that would only be on Monday. Adam would have to fly first on Saturday and meet me there. It doesn't sound as bad until you put money into the equation. If we chose to do that, we'd have to pay almost £500 extra for the rescheduling. After what seemed to be an endless discussion on Viber (Adam was in Dublin relying only the airport wifi while I was at East Midlands), we decided to let it pass. 

Let US pass.

There are actually a whole load of things behind this US trip. And I decided that missing the flight was the last straw. Nevermind the idea of not going to US, or letting nearly £500 down the drain, it's really something more personal than that.

Lesson finally learnt.

I don't know what am I going to do with 5 weeks of spring break ahead of me, although doing nothing lazying around with no pressure of exams whatsoever doesn't sound too bad. And if I'm bored I have Adam to annoy, which could be some sort of entertainment until we drive each other nuts and try not to suffocate each other while asleep.

But for now, I'll just treasure this moment, the quiet morning, listening to his slow breathing, watching his eye twitch everytime I stroke his hair.


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Here in Leicester.

Two very good reasons for me to try harder.

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Depression is a strong word.

How do you go around breaking the heart(s) of the person(s) you love with all your life?

There's no price you can pay for your parents' love. To go around purposely making your own selfish decision intentionally breaking their hearts is not a choice. You can be sorry for all your life, and still not make up to it.

They say, "Do what you love, follow your heart."

I say, bullshit.

Suck it up. Life isn't just about you.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Death news.

Lately I received quite a number of death news. Not very pleasant considering I'm pretty sick myself. But at times like this, things had me thinking,

I thought I have an issue - been sick for over a month with no apparent reason, even the doctor couldn't really tell what's going on. But apparently there are people out there with a much bigger issue - death.

Losing someone dear isn't easy, and I won't say I know how it feels. I don't. Despite having lost arwah Tok Wan long ago, I'm not convinced that we all deal with death the same way. Plus, I was young when I had to go through it, somewhere in my primary school. To receive the news at this age might not be the same.

I'm not good at comforting people, that I have to admit. I fail even more miserably when it comes to telling people what they want to hear. I'm not good at expressing myself upfront either. I don't know how to tell people how deeply saddened I am by the news. But secretly, silently, insha Allah, you know my prayer is there, all the way.

To KN who recently lost his Ibu, rezeki Allah ada kat mana-mana. Tinggal kita nak usaha and doa je. I won't tell you to be strong, for I know you are, you have always been. There are things that can never tell you in person, but please know how greatly I look up to you, how sincerely I care, even if it's in my own way that I can never tell.

To Kak Hana who recently lost her Mok, if cherishing the moments is what works, then keep cherishing. The sixth pillar of Iman - Belief in the predestination by Allah of all things, both the (seemingly) good and the (seemingly) bad. Maybe that's what they meant when they say it's bad to cry for the deceased, we don't know.

To Abil who recently lost her grandfather, keep praying. I certainly don't know how things are at the moment, but never stop praying, it's the only thing we have. Kalau itu je yang kita mampu buat, then itu lah yang kita buat.

I remember this one prayer I posted long ago, a prayer while doing Tawaf.

Doa Tawaf pusingan ke-4 

"...Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, jadikanlah diriku berpuas hati dengan pemberian yang Engkau kurniakan kepadaku, berkatilah apa yang Engkau anugerahkan kepadaku dan gantikanlah apa yang hilang daripadaku dengan apa yang lebih baik daripada Engkau."

People, please, spare a moment to include them in your prayers. May Allah bless.

Friday, March 15, 2013


Went to see the GP yesterday.

After a month's worth of history and examinations (and that included a pregnancy test lol)



Told you guys, I'm really sick :(

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The three events.

A little update on current life, shall we?

I haven't been too well these past few days. Oh no, come to think of it, I think it has been going on for almost a month :O Nothing major, just some coughing, chest pain, general tiredness, fatigue, malaise, some muscle pain here and there every now and then, headache.. Erm what else?

Not sure if it's the sudden weather change, or the travelling, or perhaps Mylo coming home and changing the whole room environment? I can't really tell. Most of my weekends were packed anyway. To London, Sheffield, Cardiff, Belfast.. And finally home this weekend! At least before hitting USA next week anyway. Ahhh more travelling. Can't be any more excited about that -_-"

Speaking of USA, we found a new travelling partner! Or companion, rather, since us two are already partners heh. I'm not gonna reveal who she is at the moment, but apparently she's a random one too, which would make things more exciting! Except for our initial plan was actually to hijack her plan so that we don't need to plan (waa so many plans!) Now it won't work that way anymore since we do have to plan. And by that, I mean us three. Aiyaaa. Things get even funnier because all of us (I'm assuming she is, too) are random carefree people so planning isn't really our thing. But we reeeeeally have to get it done because she's leaving next week on 18th March already! Habislaa habislaaaahhh.

Oh btw if there's any of you reading this in the US, please please do let me know where to go what to do etc. Or if you've been to US, doesn't matter really. I'm kinda desperate now :3

Speaking of US too, I reeeeeally want to see Ara. Like reeeeally reaaaally do? It's sad that she's in Iowa, and her spring break started weeks earlier than ours. And we definitely won't be going to Iowa, for the distance is just too much! Tsk. There goes, bye Ara. Ohnooooooo.

Done with US. Here's something closer to home. I was in Belfast last week, for three things - 1. Adam 2. The Script concert 3. Belfast Malaysian Night. Number 1, the biggest event in my life. Number 2, oh yeah it was AWWWEEESOOOOMMEEEEEE (I honestly think this could be another contributing factor to my illness tssk). And number 3, well it was okay. Wait they deserve a bit more recognition there so yeah, the play was good, no, magnificient indeed. But I'm not a big fan of theatres and such, and there was no food, just some kuih! Alright call me bimbo for judging a Malaysian Night for its food, but noooo I looveee fooodd it's nothing personal just my own preference! And I did mention the play was excellent, did I? For a first timer, they did an amazing job, I must say. Though I still prefer food. Food. Food. What a true Malaysian I am lol. Or I could be bias, since last year Adam was the Director. But nooooo I'm very sure it's the FOOOOOOOOD.

But what I like most about this year's Malaysian Night was that we finally could act like normal people! Not really we, since I am apparently normal, but Adam.. Errr not too much? We chose to sit among the audiences, rather than with the VIPs. And Adam didn't have to go into the VIP room, yeay to that! Because I know once he's inside there, he wouldn't be able to escape, and that would mean leaving me alone outside ohnoooooo. To be fair, it wasn't really all normal for him though, since after the play he went to see the VIPs to say hi and stuff, and apparently some of them said this to me, "Oh yes, I heard Adam being married, finally, pleased to meet you." This happened right after I mentioned I'm actually from Leicester, so there goes, ohnoooooo again. The saddest part was, no one even bothered to ask my name, like hellooo I have a name? And not just Adam's wife or budak Leicester? Tskk. But there was this one Belfast guy (Lynn's friend) who greeted me and said, "Oh, I know you!" And when he saw me looking a bit awkward (I always am!), he quickly apologised, saying that it wasn't really a good introduction but yes, he does know me. Oh well at least I got to introduce myself afterward, uweee!

Told this to Ummi, Ummi said I might as well cherish the moment. There could be some point when we would have to live reeeeally normal so chill out for now, so yes, I'd like to thank Adam for taking me to meet people despite my awkwardness thank you love!

The Script-wise, I might post another entry for it. I think I've written toooooo long here there isn't space for pictures anymore. But because I'm so kind, here's one.

Danny and those eyes. Can die now.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Ex-First Lady.

Malaysia & You 2013, Belfast Malaysian Night
Whitla Hall, Queen's University Belfast
9 March 2013

But this time, as husband and wife.

Friday, March 8, 2013

The butt appreciation post.

Mylo and his love for things he can't really fit in.. And fall asleep there.

Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cologne, Germany.

My travel stories are getting poorer each time aren't they? I was actually staring at the laptop before deciding to take a plunge into sorting the massive amount of pictures on our winter trip. Yes the so called winter trip. Kept telling myself that I have to post them somehow or I'll get into the habit of forgetting things. Oh well not that I don't forget things already.. But yeah you get the idea.

Cologne, Germany. It's Koln in local language, which is Germany too (?) The railway station was impressive :O And oh, we took the ICE train, just in case anyone is interested in travelling cross-country Amsterdam-Cologne or whatever.

The train continued to Frankfurt, which I suppose should be more fun. So yeah, can take ICE too.

Our hotel in the middle of nowhere (again). I'm pretty sure I've lost my logistics skills since retiring from Fish for Life at KMB, hence the jin bertendang hotels that I found.

But man this hotel was nice!

And the breakfast was good too!

This was taken on our second day breakfast, which wasn't as good as the first one. Oh yes I'm a big fan of big massive all you can eat breakfast buffet. It's nice to know you're waking up to something yummy and toasty. Ahhh. 

Okay now I miss all the hotels we used to stay in KL when we were still living in Terengganu. Now that we have a house in KL... The grandest breakfast that could ever be is roti canai mamak, or probably Old Town Cafe depan rumah. Or maybe McDonalds breakfast, yummeh. Though cannot eat anymore in an attempt to boycott. Meh.

I love that it's a real proper hotel with real proper food. We sat at a corner and had our breakfast and watched people came and go.. Just like the good old days. Or maybe it's just me.

Next, The Triangle.

It's actually a tall building with 360 degree panoramic view of Cologne, surrounded by glass wall. And each place is labelled on the glass, so just in case you forgot what you were looking at, or couldn't really be bothered like me, that's a genius invention I tell you.

Yup so we were looking at this place just now. Oh how so very convenient.

The bridge from up close.

There were padlocks all over the bridge gate (?) Lover locks.

And two cheapskates we were, found a padlock with A&B and immediately pretended it was ours. Money saved.

Somehow we were told than Van Persie (the footballer) lives in one of the apartments in the inverted L shape in the picture. Oh well not that I know him..

The old city.

The new city.

I'm always attracted to lights and things that shine, hence I found this cool.

And we had our late lunch at an Italian bar.

Adam had been craving for mussels since day one, so he had this spaghetti with mussels. So good I can't even :O

While I had prawn fettucine and it was so good I could die no I swear the picture here doesn't do justice. For EUR8 this is sooo gooood. CRIES D:

With peach tea. Yummeh.

The old church that we saw earlier, at night. Picture is shaky and blurry because it was raining and freezing cold. Though I think it's just me losing all my camera skills again (not that I had any) and developing some kind of wobbly limbs problems or stuff.

There aren't many pictures of Cologne partly because I was lazy (and still am), and a more valid reason is because Cologne itself is a small city. You'd want to come here during Christmas season where there would be Christmas markets and lights and stuff. But we went there a day after Christmas aka Boxing Day (saved me from all the shopping!) so there weren't much left. Or perhaps because my mindset (not sure about Adam's) about Cologne was that I wanted to chill and indulge and be at the hotel and do nothing, which I successfully achieved. 


And off to Brussels!