Friday, December 31, 2010

Thanks for the memories even though they weren't so great.

Funny how people and time are so much alike. Time, a lot like people, come and leave. And being mean, they leave just when we want them to freeze, just like when we thought we have found someone and wish they could stay, but they too, had to leave.

I'm all excited for 2011, I don't know why. Perhaps because 2010 has been awesomely adventurous for me, I guess. Just when I thought people can't change, 2010 has proven me wrong. Dead wrong. I, too, changed.

If one were to ask me, what are the most valuable lessons I have picked up in 2010 (other than learning the fact that IB can literally kill you even after finishing it), I would easily say there are two things I was never good at, and 2010 has successfully made me go through them the hard way.

  1. Rejection
  2. Distance
I was never good at rejection. In other words - I pretty much can't handle it. I can't take it. Sometimes I feel that I think too highly of myself; that I don't deserve rejection, in any ways, by any means. My parents once said, I can never take a NO as an answer. And 2010 had its own way to actually teach me to accept a HUGE FAT HEARTBREAKING NO.


Dear Nurul Nabilah

Unfortunately, we cannot accept you for September 2010 on condition of you obtaining your IB Diploma in November 2010.
All students have to have the relevant qualification on commencement of the course.

I am, therefore, writing to confirm that the email sent to you on 19 August 2010 is CANCELLED as we were not in receipt of all the necessary information when sending it. In error, we have sent you an enrolment pack which you should disregard and destroy.

I am sorry to give you this disappointing news but wish you well.

With kind regards

Jo Durran
University of Leicester, Medical School Admissions, Maurice Shock Building
P O Box 138, University Road, LEICESTER LE1 9HN, United Kingdom


As for distance, I still dread every second of it. Worse, now I am starting to despise time zones as well. But as Coldplay says in Fix You; 

"If you never try, you'll never know just what you worth."

Hi, my name is Bella. And I am going to prove you are DEAD WRONG.

Distance - I won't say I am now good at it. But I think things are getting better. We are more than we thought we were. Personally, I, myself, am amazed on how things work between the two of us. I never thought I could actually do this. Of course, there are bitter moments, but hey, I am actually DOING IT!

"And ever has it been known that love knows not its own depth until the hour of separation."
Kahlil Gibran

Thanks for the memories, 2010. I shall NOT miss you.

No other girls can love you the way I do.

So it was already late.

So everyone was sleepy.

So it was actually a day after the the actual day.

And so..?

Awesome Statement:
M'sia won Suzuki Cup a day before my 22nd birthday (30/12/2010)

Ps. Happy Birthday You.

Pps. Fahmi *drool*

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The trick is to have a P sticker on despite having a full license - so that they can forgive you for being stupid on the road.

Few days back Ummi finally allowed me to drive alone aka without her/Ayah's/Zahid's supervision. Ceh walhal sebelum ni pernah je drive sorang3 around Wangsamaju, tapi Ummi taktau la, nasib baik selamat je 

So off I went to Carrefour and WangsaWalk with my sis.

*Muka bangga habis dapat kunci Forte secara terhormat dari Ummi*

And I ended up with these..

Yes, RM100++ burnt for shawls. Nak bukak kedai apa?

When I told Ummi, she went like, next time cannot let you drive alone, nanti entah apa3 lagi yang kamu shopping + membazir duit.
 (There will be no more next time - little Forte is going back to Terengganu VERY soon anyway)

But what she doesn't know is, I almost hit a car when I pressed the pedal minyak when in Reverse mode. Tengah gelabah nak bukak gate scan pass card, sekali Reverse dengan yakinnya. Belakang pulak ada Encik Merc sebijik. Apa lagi, makan hon lah.

As I made my way up to Level 1 parking, curi3 tengok that Merc behind me. Pergh jauh 2 batu jarak. 
Dah serik kot.

Kesian Encik Forte, haritu drive tak bukak lampu, this time reverse macam Entrance Gate tu bapak aku punya pulak dah.


I miss my chauffeur :'(

Monday, December 27, 2010

You can find her glued to the PC with both ears plugged with earphones and both legs on the chair at Level 16.

Just in case anyone ever wonder what the hell she's doing now..

Click for larger image

(I couldn't help myself but stare at this when I first found out about its existence, seriously)

Sorry lah, jakun sikit. Sebelum ni mana pernah kerja. Ada akaun KWSP pun macam excited gila.


Sunday, December 26, 2010

Think I just did the most ridiculous unthinkable dreaded thing on the Internet.

All for My Yna :')

And to someone whom I owe BIG ;

Thanks for putting up with the new me :')

Saturday, December 25, 2010

No matter how much they love you, you still have to admit that you are not the only ones who make them happy.

She drove all the way from KLCC to Merdeka Square in the middle of the night not switching the car light. Silly.

The victims who survived her silliness. Seriously.

Single photoshit meh!
Oh yes. We ARE sisters. -.-"

Floating in joy for surviving the silliness!

If only the car could speak.. I'm pretty sure it would yell - What an IDIOT! You moron!

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleeping with YouTube repeating awesome clip is awesome, but not with your Skype on and your status Available.

Found yourself in love with an AWESOME video on YouTube playing an AWESOME song and would like to AWESOMIZE your life with it but too lazy to keep clicking the not-so-awesome 'Play' over and over again?

Fret not!

There is now a solution to automatically repeat your favorite video on YouTube without having to play it yourself!


Simply add the word 'repeat' before .com on the YouTube URL of the awesome video.


The original URL of the YouTube video

The new URL with 'Repeat' function


Well, what are you waiting for?

AWESOMIZE your life with this SUPER-AWESOME function!

Okay taktau kalau benda ni dah basi, but for a newbie yang baru nak gelabah dengan YouTube, nak3 lepas jatuh cinta dengan lagu yang seriously awesome ni, memang excited gelabah habis ada Repeat function, sekarang boleh buat lullaby. HOYEAH!

And the links above are really really super duper AWESOME!

Memang lah, sebab semua links dalam post ni lead to the same thing. -.-"

And excited jakun melampau, walhal boleh je download video tu. 


Well, Shahir cakap perempuan suka exaggerate things. Cliche.


Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Awfully Awesome.

Forget the fever. Forget the flu. Forget the heartache. Forget the missed Tron midnight show at Pavilion. Okay tipu yang itu memang takleh forget. GRRR. Sorry kawan :’(

But heyyyy. These past few days have been awesome okay. Eh silap, it’s AWESOME with capital A-W-E-S-O-M-E. But wait, did I get the tone right? Well, AWESOME DUDE! Anyways this thought of awesome thingy has been bugging me. Why is it AWEsome vs AWful? It’s like, you know, in AWE. AWEEEE. With mouth wide open like :O Okay forget it, that’s not the main point.

So for some awesome reasons, I have been in touch with many many many awesome people lately.
I Skype with KN for hours merajuk sana sini teasing each other emo being a loser lepas tu perasan KN senior masuk paper sharing that AWESOME Just A Dream video (serius WAJIB usha!) status war etc. OMG AWESOME.

Ridhu called few days back catching up spilling stories laughing like mad kejap bahagia segala lepas tu koyak habis looking forward for his homecoming (macam fag hag la pulak) next February. AWESOME.

Ara text me out of nowhere on her way to California escaping the snow using her friend’s phone cuz her credit was running low then I called her back and realized that Skype phone calls to US is way way way cheaper than to UK made my heart go burst into joy just by listening to her mengarut meraban. AWESOME.

I added DJ on Skype since she couldn’t reach me via YM (okay my YM is more or less like FB now – so yesterday) and we were like OMGGGGGG I finally found youuuu! AWESOME.

Darling Heni Skype me spilling up some things that I was actually prepared to know but somehow I feel so awesome knowing it from herself after being silent for a loooooong time and it makes me feel more awesome  knowing that she’s now errmmmm;) AWESOME.

Also, I went Gaga with Wan (yes it’s Syazwan Muez people!) LOOOGISTIICCCCSSS! :D Was at the office when my colleague asked me to teach her using Skype. So Wan being my tikus mondok yang sangat comel (yes, he IS cute Wan sila perasan!) we were experimenting to show my friend Skype features. And we were actually at the office and Wan was mengada3 showing off his Dublin snow while I was in my work attire and felt like OMG I MISSS YOUUUUUU exroomie to beeeeee! (errkk?) You never know how Fishies love/miss/annoy each other :’) AWESOME.

I found out that my two sayangs, okay so only one of them is my sayang, the other one like PHBBTT (kau tau kau sape aku sayang kau HAHAH) is now in the air, floating. And since I know that the guy has been keeping feelings for her sampai nak tukar country of placement (which I warned him so banyak3 kali to think about it), and now seeing them happy though thousands miles separated, I think he made the right choice. Wah aku dah cakap aku penasihat cinta terbaik! Okay feel stupid there. Takkira, kau kena balik summer next year kita date ramai3 yeay! AWESOME.

And the MOST AWFULLY AWESOME part is..

Meet my brother. I think we look AWFULLY AWESOME together.

Ada bantahan?

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Hello Saturday!

After two miserable days of this..

Today is a beautiful day, 
isn’t it?

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fix her. She's broken.

She's not sure how to feel right now. She took half the day off at work since she was having a terrible flu. Her head has been pounding hard, her vision was blurring. Both eyes couldn’t get any redder than they were, and the nose kept on pouring clear warm fluid without any reasons.

And at only 12-something noon, it was raining hard outside.

It was painful. Not only was the flu, the whole body reacting to the sickness was just awful. For the first time in 20 years, she cried in public, in front of total strangers. With no one beside her. Found an isolated spot in the LRT heading home, and the tears kept streaming down her face, just like the heavy rain outside.

Everything was mixed up. She was in pain, her head felt dizzy, her breathe was unsteady that she found herself wheezing all the time, her heart was aching. She was missing someone so terribly. Best said, she was a complete miserable mess.

Just yesterday she got a proposition from Maxis to work permanently for them. And that was not some kind of contract extension or what, it’s for permanent, means that she actually works for them, instead of the work agency she is currently with.

Just yesterday she found out that her very first salary was approved, that she would have to check her bank account if it is already there. She started late, she didn’t even work for the full month, but the pay was really good.

Just yesterday she was involved in a training session for Maxis staff from different Maxis centres nationwide, and everyone thought she did a wonderful job despite she looked like a high school student amongst them all.

Just yesterday she met a familiar face whom she has been missing so much, though they just met about a month ago, and had fun laughing hard til their stomachs hurt.

Just yesterday her family arrived from Miri, proudly signifying that they are now a complete happy family.

And today she suffers from this real bad flu that she could barely woke up in the morning, and her heart just wouldn’t stop longing for someone at the other side of the world.

Life is never fair.

Unless when there were tears, of course. 

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

My Girlfriend Who Plays DotA - isn't that epic?

"If a guy replies to your text while he's playing DotA, he loves you. 
But when a guy stops playing DotA for you, he really loves you. 
And if the guy is not playing DotA from the start you're such a lucky girl."

Sounds familiar, no? Nahhh. 

Below are the reasons why girls should consider having guys who play DotA for boyfriends.

Great Concentration
1. A man whoplays DotA will pay alot of concentration in the game because he is in love with the game. This is good in the future as they would love their own choice of job. Plus, the sexiest manly moment comes when they are concentrating in doing something so you should find a chance to look at him while he is playing DotA then you will understand what I am saying is the truth.

Dont Give Up Easily

2. DotA players do not give up easily and it's the same spirit like athlete in sports. Besides that, they have the experience to resist failure for example DotA players tend to argue and scold each other noobs if you do not have that positive attitude to resist, you might already given up (applies in real life).
Guys who play DotA do not give up easily in real life too =D.


3. In DotA no matter how badly you had been pawned and bullied, you must have the gentlemen attitude and accept the truth, game end, defeated, bullied, tortured, yet you have to say GG (Good Game). To be straightforward, DotA players are humble and careful which is a good requirement for choosing a husband =P

Very Patient
4. Extremely Patient-The game doesnt begin with a win, DotA players fight their best to earn a favourable situation by planning, farming, ganking or breaking towers, they need to slowly control the possession with patient n calamity in their mind. So choose a husband that is so patient la.. Can live forever with him peacefully

A Very Good Sandbag
5. Solid defending attitude- Every DotA players surely had been fully skilled and torture by their opponent before and surely had been torment to unavoidable death. Since they already know their fate, they still put on a smiling face. It means that it is great to have a boyfriend that you can scold and hit yet still smiling. So, if you wanna beat your partner, he will let you beat.

Very careful, Very Observant
6. Cause DotA is a game that must observe your surroundings so you can sense what your partner feels la.. and very considerate.

Alert & React Faster
7. DotA players response faster than you think, they are very alert. Their response are obviously faster compare to non-DotA players. So pick a guy that knows how to response spontaneously to be your life partner.. Not necessarily Jet Li or Jackie Chan but pick a guy that is smarter (DotA players =DD)

Good Knowledge In Handling Computers & Internet
8. You can randomly choose a DotA player and he will talk to you 3 days 3 nights from choosing a system unit to a mouse to a keyboard until how to operate it to the requirements required or keeping yourself up-to-date to the recent technology. In the future, surely computer and internet will dominate the world so choose a guy that knows how to operate computer and internet to be a husband else go out laugh by people.

Can Accept Shocking News Or Pressure Easily
9. No matter you are ready or not you will be gank by the enemies. Dunno when you will die out of sudden also. So every DotA players are not afraid of anything that suddenly occur to them. In life we always have problems and problems, if a man give up easily when facing a problem, do you still choose him as your life partner?

Good Planners
10. Knowing what to do every moment is the basic instinct a DotA player should be very good at. Means DotA players should know what to do always in planning, ganking, calculating opponent level and experience, watching their steps where they would appear next, spotting the enemy gathering spot and the way they attack. They will manage their life properly for example next day is your birthday party, should plan ahead and nicely. Next day go buy rice and also remember to buy sauce.

Know How To Earn Money
11. In DotA money is the main source of income, no money equals to no items, no items equals to no matter how you play also wasting time. So every DotA players also got a very good habit, earning money, after farming so hard to earn the money, finally can buy the item they want after saving it for so long, Sacred Relic (3800 gold). So find a DotA player, means finding a man who earn money and save it so your future will be very nice. At least husband earn, and wife spend.

Very Good In Resisting Beautiful And Sexy Gals.
12. When facing beautiful gals like Lina, you wont even give her a chance to seduce you, sending her to her base immediately. So find a DotA player, gals sure no need to worry, they are very loyal.


13. DotA players are willing to sacrifice themselves for the team. Sacrifice their lives in order to make sure their attacker earn money easily in the end. This kind of people in family or in society can think and care of others and do not have a selfish attitude.

Now who says you can't be loving while DotA-ing?

Monday, December 13, 2010

Like this. Be a follower. Tweet this. Reblog if you like this. What's on your mind now?

Semalam ada orang cakap saya kera sumbang. Sombong. Dah la susah nak tegur orang, lepas tu Skype asyik invi je. Memang anti-social habis ah. Lepas tu saya geram. Mana ada saya anti-social. Saya memang macam ni. Saya online boleh cakap almost every night malam sampai pagi. Internet pulak bukan stable memanjang. Kadang3 buat hal gedik mengada3 macam lagu Fynn Jamal tu. Lepas tu kalau saya biar Available, confirm sah3 asyik pop in pop out kat screen laptop orang. Nanti orang siap boleh cakap - Hai Bella, kau sorang je ada Skype? Tak pun kalau dalam versi saya, ayat tu akan jadi camni - Rajin pulak aku nak tayang status online Skype kat orang. Walhal nak tegur jangan harap. Mana ada saya sombong. Serius tak. Saya cuma nerd. Dan sedikit noob. Serta agak geek. Saya tak pernah malu nak mengaku saya noob. Dan kadang3 agak lampi (penggunaan perkataan KADANG3 menunjukkan penulis dalam denial)
So saya cakap kat orang tu, saya nak buktikan yang saya tak sombong. Saya baik je. Suka senyum, perasan comel. Okay iklan. Tapi saya jumpa ni tadi masa tengah random Googling. Untuk menunjukkan ke-geek-an saya.

1. “1f u c4n r34d th1s u r34lly n33d t0 g37 l41d”  – spotted on a tee shirt
2. Microsoft: “You’ve got questions. We’ve got dancing paperclips.”  – Unknown
3. “My pokemon brings all the nerds to the yard, and they’re like you wanna trade cards? Darn right, I wanna trade cards, I’ll trade this but not my charizard.”  – Unknown
4. “There are 10 types of people in the world: those who understand binary, and those who don’t.”  – Unknown
5. “If at first you don’t succeed; call it version 1.0.”  – spotted on a tee shirt
6. “I’m not anti-social; I’m just not user friendly.”  – spotted on a tee shirt
7. “When Life Gives You Questions, Google has Answers.”  – AJ Carpio
8. “Programming today is a race between software engineers striving to build bigger and better idiot-proof programs, and the Universe trying to produce bigger and better idiots. So far, the Universe is winning.”  – Unknown
9. “The glass is neither half-full nor half-empty: it’s twice as big as it needs to be.”  – Unknown
10. “I would love to change the world, but they won’t give me the source code.”   – Unknown
And here is the ultimate one:
“A computer lets you make more mistakes faster than any invention in human history – with the possible exceptions of handguns and tequila.” - Unknown

Bella Nombor 6. Tapi sedang cuba untuk meng-improvise-kan diri. Jadi sila jangan bosan kalau asyik nampak Bella online Skype 24 jam okay.

Tengok, even social network sites and operator pun cakap macam ni.
Yang takfaham boleh duduk diam3 kat corner sambil angkat kening macam Damon Salvatore.

Ps. Yang dah kat overseas tu jangan buat3 lupa plak U-Mobile itu apa okay.

Pps. Saya taktau nak guna Tumblr atau Tweeter untuk T. Tapi sebab saya lagi suka Tumblr (yang sangat awesome tu) so saya pilih Tumblr. Tapi saya upload jugak gambar Twitter untuk Twitterama sekalian. Fowever Awone. Nah amik ha.

Thooo Thweeeet

Ppps. Perasan tak social network site yang famous semua guna warna biru. Hurm kesan psikologi mungkin.

Pppps. Wah banyak gila Pppppppppppps HAHAH sengal okaybye.