Friday, March 18, 2016

Exam musing.

Typing this on the phone despite being at home, with complete luxury of having a full plugged-in laptop approx. 6 meters away. I choose not to, this duvet is a curse yet a blessing.

The concept of date and time is temporarily lost on me. Everyday is a blur, what more with A having his day off yesterday, right on the day after my OSCE exam. I was tricked into thinking it was Sunday, apparently it was only Thursday. Not quite 'only', because every second is another opportunity to revise (or more like pretending to, in my case), but I am currently so lost that I let Thursday and today, Friday, past with very minor intellectual progress. This brain needs some rest. 

And to make it more fun, A is on-call this weekend, 9am-10pm. Not that I miss him or anything pfft, but having him around at 7pm onward is so familiar that I find myself constantly looking at the clock wishing 10pm to come fast. Nearly 4 years in this marriage business, I'm still as clingy as ever.

A lot has been happening, and oh, I got myself a 6s in rose gold! Actually the plan was to get one while in The States, but my 4s died on me for a day and I was so stressed that we made an impromptu trip  to Apple store and landed myself with a 24-month contract (gasps!). By we I mean Nadd and I, and A obviously, since I refused to walk all the way and he just had to be extra nice since Nadd was around. Jk, he is nice. Why wouldn't he be anyway? And fyi, 4s came back to life the day after I took out the new contract. Yes, because my life can be pretty funny like that. 

Also, ahh. Yes, The States. United States or America. We're flying next week! (double gasps!). If you've been reading this blog long enough, then you would know that we had a previous hiccup with this USA thing. Well we're giving it another go, but not without some trials and tribulations though (wow), since it took us three rejected transactions before finally managing to get hold of decent tickets. We're leaving from Birmingham Airport inshaAllah, praying hard He'll make ease this time!

And speaking of 24 months phone contract, I jokingly told A that I officially need to work to pay for the monthly bills. Which brings us to the next point, I scored a job in Northampton-Leicester Alhamdullah! Well technically we don't know yet which is when, but that itself is something to be grateful about Alhamdulillah! It's kinda tempting to choose the same job rotation as A, as we'll get to work in the same space (we're not just talking about the same hospital guys, it's going to be in the same department!), then the idea of it sounds too scary. We're never a good team when it comes to serious business. Too playful for our own good. Plus, if we're in the same team, the chance of us having days off at the same time is zero to none, as you'll need other team members to cover the ward when someone's on leave. How to balik Malaysia together like that??!?!! Still.. I'm curious as to what will happen.... Not sure if I dare to take the risk though! #iprobablyshould

Spoke to my family on facetime earlier, including my nenek whom I call "Cik". 

Cik: Ummi cakap awak dapat kerja dah, sekali dengan Adam ke?
Me: Taktau lagi, inshaAllah harapnya sama hospital lah.
Cik: Kalau kerja satu hospital, nanti siapa balik kerja awal kena masak lah, kan?


Another two papers Monday-Tuesday next week, and I'm done inshaAllah! Kind prayers are highly appreciated, thank you :)