Thursday, September 22, 2016

Sembang mak mak.

Lately perasaan asyik nak maaaaakan je. To be fair, that's nothing new. But at the rate I'm going, I constantly crave for food. Nak pulak different things at different times. One second I wanted sotong celup tepung (Melayu), then spicy tofu soup (Korean), then the next I wanted steak (Western). Haritu mengamuk nak ayam penyet (Jawa), sudah, mana pulak nak cari tetengah kampung omputeh ni. Good thing I'm a pretty good cook. So ada benda yang nak sangat makan tu kekadang setengah jam, tetiba siap ada atas meja. Nasik lemak je pun walhal, haha.

To make it worse, our weighing scale takde battery, so memang tak keep track dengan berat since pindah rumah ni. Memula tu kemain confident I won't gain weight sebab kerja macam hantu, tapi sekarang dah waswas, haha. Actually we have another weighing scale tapi taktau celah mana simpan. Rumah besar sangat kot, storage merata. Kahkah. Not even joking. Rumah ni besar ok. Bayar pun besar. Wuuu. Bersyukurlah ada suami. Ehhh. 

Haritu masak asam pedas ikan pari. Ye, tetiba jumpa ray wings kat supermarket ni haa, reduced pulak tu. Apa lagi, ambil lah seketul dua.

Malangnya suami pulak (sejak bila panggil Adam suami hahaha hai abang) tetiba takberapa suka masakan asam pedas. First time tau ok. Biasanya dia sapu je semua, tapi bila ada je yang dia cakap 'kurang suka' atau 'least favourite', terus dapat hint maksudnya memang dia taksuka la tu. What to do. Malang lah nasib kau si pari pari. Emm sebenarnya, even to me, asam pedas ni memang tricky sikit. Not my favourite too. Jaaaaarang sangat jumpa asam pedas yang kaw enough for me to go, perggh sedapnyaa. And Bella juga jenis yang tak memilih makanan ok. But for a first try, it wasn't too bad. Cuma sekarang dah sedar masak asam pedas is not my specialty. And both of us taaakde la suka sangat asam pedas ni, so makan kat kedai nasik campur sudah. Takyah nak masak bagai. 

Then before that masak soto dengan nasik impit. Siap dengan bergedil. Favourite please. Tapi takpernah masak. 

Time ni alas meja pun belum beli lagi. Maka guna lah surat khabar free. Tapi point dia di sini ialah, gheeeenyah nya buat soto bakhanggg. Dia senang je, tapi leceh ya ampun. So abang, next time kita makan soto ialah tahun depan ok.

I also found out that both dishes are actually my mil's favourite. Terus confident jadi menantu kesayangan. 

Gaya sembang level mak mak sangat, walhal sendu takboleh balik Malaysia je pun, haha. 

Thursday, September 1, 2016

Adulting together.

Adam and I, we communicate mainly on iMessage. So our texts go waaay back into 2011 on iMessage. We very rarely use WhatsApp unless we're doing the Malaysia-UK thing.

Not until we started working. WhatsApp is like the single most important communication platform after bleeps and actual phone call for non-urgent things. And since Adam and I are on the same team, we're both in the same WhatsApp group.

And I swapped my rota earlier so Adam and I are practically SHO-FY1 buddy. What that means is that our shifts are very similar, that we go on-call at the same time. And with the way on-calls work, it means that my first point of contact would be him. Similar to him, if he needs things done on the wards, he'd ask me to do it.

In short,

SHO - Senior House Officer
Most of the times they clerk in patients at A&E. Meaning they're in charge of new patients coming in, come up with the plans etc.

FY1 - Foundation Year 1 aka House Officer (HO)
We cover the wards. So if there are any sick patients on the ward, or someone needs some drugs prescribed, we're the ones to be called for. Including bloods, cannulas, catheters etc.

So back to WhatsApp, I was going through some messages when Adam sent me a text. It's pretty cool that our conversation varies from this, 

To this.

I mean, baby bung??!!?? What does that even mean??

Anyways, the juniors on the team know about us being married and all. But since we never acted like it, no one said anything. Until one day I was on the ward with another FY1, and our two registrars came in and had a casual conversation like it didn't mean anything in the world. Adam was on-call so he was nowhere to be found (most likely running like a headless chicken).

Registrar 1: Yes, I think we'd go with the plan as per our SHO in blues has come up with, and since he's a great husband to this lady over here.. 
Bella: WHAT DO YOU MEAN? How did you guys find out? 
Registrar 2: I thought it's a common knowledge? We've known it quite a while now. 
Registrar 1: Yeah don't worry it's nothing to be ashamed of, he's a good man. 
Bella: I'm not ashamed, if anything I'm proud of him (woah, baby, handbag please?) but you guys.. How did you guys know??!??

They went on to say something but I was very uncomfortable on the subject (they're my registrars! Actually they're pretty cool, but well, no) so I shifted the conversation to our patients.

And Adam had a similar encounter after we both had night shifts at the same time, when another registrar who sorted our rota and annual leaves asked him,

Registrar 3: So how was nights with your wife? 
Adam: It was okay. She called me.. A lot.

HAHAHA of course I call you baby I nak call siapa lagi??!??

But working with him.. Is fun to the next level. I honestly used to be so scared of having too much  of each other, what with me being solitary and all.. But work is great with him. We both agree that we get on really well at work, that we have the same kind of thinking, always on it, always want to get things done quickly and properly, and always, always want to go home early, haha. Of course there are days when I'm just cranky and I just want to be difficult (I couldn't most of the times, not in my nature, unfortunately) and Adam just has to put up with me. Especially when he calls asking me to do jobs and I'll be just like.. Ok. And hang up. Haha.

Poor SHO got cranky wife as his FY1.

It's worse for him, because I'm only cranky with people I love. So he really just gotta take it. Whereas Adam himself, when he's not in the right mood, he would literally just f**k off to everyone, myself included, no hard feelings. As for me.. You know how women are. Haha.

But all in all, it's been great fun with him. Balik kerja awal singgah Morrisons going mad buying junk food and groceries. Moaning about how sh*tty things are.. The negativity doubles but we have great fun! And it finally feels like someone actually understands! (actually more like only we understand each other, haha).

So for now.. I can only say, adulting is hard. Really, really hard. But adulting together, with the person you love most, can be quite fun. And while I can do a lot of things by myself (independent girls, unite!), doing things together brings a lot more meaning into it. The other day for the first time Adam actually came with me to a clinic appointment, a luxury we never had while doing long-distance relationship. I really have nothing to complain for.

Well except for the actual job...... But I'll leave that for now. Haha!