Monday, October 24, 2016

Junks, junks everywhere.

Adam's rota and mine are now officially different. We knew it from the beginning that at some point we'd have different shifts, so no surprises. But it also means we go to work at different times, and coming back too. And that naturally means no random Morrisons trip together anymore.

Which means that I find myself popping in and out of the supermarket whenever I feel like it.

Which is good, because, hey, independence!

But can also be damaging to Adam's pocket, because urm, well, eventually he pays for them all.

The receipts explain in all.

These are 3 separate trips I made to Morrisons on 3 consecutive days. Yes, 3 days in a row. And look at that amount of junks I bought!

Day 1: Walkers Sensation (big bags of crisps) x 3 bags 
Day 2: Not so much, because I was more focused in buying proper food/groceries.
Day 3: And here's the fun part.
                   Multipack Vanilla Coke x 8 cans
                   Ben & Jerry's ice cream x 3 tubs
                   Walkers Sensation x 3 bags
                   Cadbury's Hazelnut x 1 bar

I am so torn in a sense whether or not I claim them all from Adam. The junks, I mean. To be fair the crisps are more for him but still..

Who can justify 8 CANS OF VANILLA COKE in a SINGLE purchase??!?

Saturday, October 15, 2016

When in Rome. (and Pisa and Venice)

Typing this away very quickly as I have a gazillion other pending chores at home from being away and unwell for quite some time.

Italy's been amazing. The weather, that is. In summary it's a lot if this.




Obligatory tourist photos! (Still not sure if we got the right spot in Venice though).

Of all the three I probably love Venice most. And a bit of Pisa. Rome is very.. Historical. And we are not very historical people. I guess it explains why we (by that I mean, I?) love love loveee Amsterdam and New York, and don't mind going there again, despite having been to Amsterdam twice. Pretty much how I prefer Barcelona over Madrid. Oooh the paella!

I love the hustle and bustle of a city - the life, the food, the street view, the different people you meet and see. I love living, animated objects (read: human and animals), and the nice smelling/tasting ones too (read: food).  And you definitely get more of this from Venice than Rome. 

Rome just feels very deep, if that even makes sense. It gave me the pressure of having to learn the history of this place, and that building, and oohh, that chapel too! There's just too much to see, and you cannot just see without actually knowing what's going on!

Venice on the other hand, is a lot of cobblestone paved street and alleys. And water too. Sometimes you just blindly walk on the narrow streets finding yourself a dead end - into the canal. It's pretty cool, albeit sometimes annoying. But the food is amazing. Very expensive too, that we had to withdraw another bunch of cash there, but I believe it's more because our holiday and spending habits have massively changed from the student days. We like to indulge a tiny little bit more, after all we've both been working like mad! And surprisingly, unlike many other very touristy places, Venice is surprisingly very very, clean. The small streets in between buildings smell nothing of piss - Paris should definitely have a lesson or two.

And Pisa, oh well, a small quiet town with a slanting stick (read: Leaning Tower) where everyone gathers around it. Not much to say. Although it did feel like a nice transition in between Rome and Venice.

I might/might not write further on Italy honestly, as I just didn't get the vibe of holiday that I was hoping for. For the most part of it, I was rather unwell with vague things that I couldn't put down to. So to be perfectly honest, on Friday we were just glad to be heading home. 

But I do feel Italy should be on the list if you're going around Europe, it's not your typical European country - UK, northern France, Belgium etc. I guess a lot of it is due to the weather. They're further down south so it's a bit milder/nicer, although Venice can be freezing at night.

And to be perfectly honest, for this long annual leave that we had, I was actually aiming for Morocco. But my UK permit arrived about 2 weeks or so before the break, just not enough time for Moroccan visa application, so we had to go to somewhere that didn't require any visa.

That's it folks, sorry that Italy hasn't been much to write. It was amazing, just not my kind of place. Pretty sure it will be someone else's!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Adam's 26th.

Bella: I dah lama tak rasa in love dengan you.
Adam: I selalu in love dengan you.
Bella: Really? How come?
Adam: I'm always in love with you bila you tengah tidur. You always look so peaceful.
Adam: Sampai lah you mengamuk bila I kacau you. Terus tak in love dah.

Hahaha yeap, we go to bed at different times most nights. And as sweet as the above conversation sounds, I can be very violent when I'm half awake. When Adam said 'mengamuk', that's actually no joke. Mengamuk I did. Even to something as simple as a quick kiss.

Anyways, today is his birthday! Nothing special, no surprises (btw do you know how HARD it is to plan for surprises when both of you are staying together, and even work together? REALLY HARD). Gone were the days when I wrote sappy stuff, arranged random surprises and whatnot. I'm just constantly tiireeeddd and worn out. Every. Single. Day.

Buuttt I managed not to kick him last night when he kacau me sleeping, so that's good enough on his birthday, yay!

Aaannddd we're leaving for Italy tomorrow for a week so at least that's something!

Alright. Talk later. I know the title says Adam's 26th, but it's literally like any other day. Life tak berapa exciting lately, tunggu lah balik Italy nanti.

Btw I love you too baby, only when I'm not sleeping.