Saturday, October 1, 2016

Adam's 26th.

Bella: I dah lama tak rasa in love dengan you.
Adam: I selalu in love dengan you.
Bella: Really? How come?
Adam: I'm always in love with you bila you tengah tidur. You always look so peaceful.
Adam: Sampai lah you mengamuk bila I kacau you. Terus tak in love dah.

Hahaha yeap, we go to bed at different times most nights. And as sweet as the above conversation sounds, I can be very violent when I'm half awake. When Adam said 'mengamuk', that's actually no joke. Mengamuk I did. Even to something as simple as a quick kiss.

Anyways, today is his birthday! Nothing special, no surprises (btw do you know how HARD it is to plan for surprises when both of you are staying together, and even work together? REALLY HARD). Gone were the days when I wrote sappy stuff, arranged random surprises and whatnot. I'm just constantly tiireeeddd and worn out. Every. Single. Day.

Buuttt I managed not to kick him last night when he kacau me sleeping, so that's good enough on his birthday, yay!

Aaannddd we're leaving for Italy tomorrow for a week so at least that's something!

Alright. Talk later. I know the title says Adam's 26th, but it's literally like any other day. Life tak berapa exciting lately, tunggu lah balik Italy nanti.

Btw I love you too baby, only when I'm not sleeping.

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