Monday, October 24, 2016

Junks, junks everywhere.

Adam's rota and mine are now officially different. We knew it from the beginning that at some point we'd have different shifts, so no surprises. But it also means we go to work at different times, and coming back too. And that naturally means no random Morrisons trip together anymore.

Which means that I find myself popping in and out of the supermarket whenever I feel like it.

Which is good, because, hey, independence!

But can also be damaging to Adam's pocket, because urm, well, eventually he pays for them all.

The receipts explain in all.

These are 3 separate trips I made to Morrisons on 3 consecutive days. Yes, 3 days in a row. And look at that amount of junks I bought!

Day 1: Walkers Sensation (big bags of crisps) x 3 bags 
Day 2: Not so much, because I was more focused in buying proper food/groceries.
Day 3: And here's the fun part.
                   Multipack Vanilla Coke x 8 cans
                   Ben & Jerry's ice cream x 3 tubs
                   Walkers Sensation x 3 bags
                   Cadbury's Hazelnut x 1 bar

I am so torn in a sense whether or not I claim them all from Adam. The junks, I mean. To be fair the crisps are more for him but still..

Who can justify 8 CANS OF VANILLA COKE in a SINGLE purchase??!?


Leng Chai said...

who buy 8 cans of coke instead of big bottles? try to be economic bella. then you dont have this guilty feeling when you buy them haha

Bella said...

Aku setuju! Tapi bila dah beli botol beso dia jadi taksedap + pressure nak habiskan. Minum nya berdua je. Dalam 10 minit jugak la aku tercongok depan air2 tu weighing cost vs practicality. hah gitu