Wednesday, November 2, 2016


I'm down being unwell again.

Been vomiting small amounts since yesterday with tummy ache. 

I'm supposed to be on night shift this week, 8pm-8am, while Adam is on day on-call 8am-8pm. So really, the only time we see each other is at surgical handover room. Sucks.

And when you're ill not seeing your other half kinda makes it worse. We also have no time to cook proper meal so every time we come home (alone) it's a matter of what's in the fridge - to me it's more of what I could stomach and keep down.

Side note, I made ikan goreng for lunch earlier hoping that it'd be the comfort food I could keep down, but no, a quarter of it came back up shortly after.

The ikan goreng itself, was delicious.

So here I am, at 6.45pm, still in bed, in scrubs from last night. Had to call in sick as last night I didn't even last till 8am. Yep, vomiting at the hospital isn't fun so I left at 4am. 

You'd think prescribing anti-sickness to patients has become so routine that when it happens to you, you wonder if you should have some yourself too.

I even called my mom asking if she could come over for a week - I'd pay for her flight if I have to! It was a whole dramatic affair - me wailing on the phone, like really sobbing, and her, panicking. Too bad she really couldn't, she already used up all her leave, but good thing is she only has 3 weeks to retirement so she can come over after that!

Actually my parents are coming in January anyway.. But hey, November and January makes a difference okay.

But really.. I just want to go home..


Leng Chai said...

get well soon. makan je ubat. anyway for parents that come to stay with their kids working there do they come as tourists? and ada time limit ke stay sana?

Bella said...

Ada je limit, 6 months max stay for Malaysians as tourists. & yep dorang mmg datang as tourists. My parents paling2 pun dalam sebulan lebih stay, pastu balik la. Not sure about makcik2 yang teman jaga anak etc, rasanya itu pun by 6 months dah balik kot. 6 bulan duk UK melanguuutt ja lama wehh.