Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Of Cardiff Bay, eBay, and life as the bay.

Life is like the bay. The tides and waves.. They come, crash the shore, and return to the sea, leaving marks on the sand. But no matter who hard they crash, how unpredictable they could be, the shore stays. Faithfully. Always to welcome the crash, without fail.

Or perhaps like the eBay. You place a bid on things you want, risk your expectation, only to be crashed by higher bidder at the very last minute. Or maybe, you place a bid, won, but suddenly decided not to purchase the item. By that time it's too late. Damage's done. Like it or not, you have to pay for the price.

But life could also be like the Cardiff Bay on a sunny afternoon in the winter. The wind, the sun, the wonderful people. The perfect weekend.

Ni mesti sebab pergi Cardiff last weekend and fall in love hard, sebab tu lah kot. Cardiff is the 3rd city I've been since I arrived in the UK, and the furthest. And I fell in love almost immediately. Don't know why.

It was a long weekend. A pretty one.

From Leicester to Birmingham, changed the train heading to Bristol. And from Bristol took another train to Cardiff.

Arrived at Edy and Farah's place around midnight, tired and exhausted and worn out, but God knows how good it felt to see those familiar faces. Sumpah tak tipu.

Then Saturday was a full day of SEED, a program held by Cardiff people on Fiqh Khilaf, with Ustaz Nabir from Belfast as the speaker.

Mula mula semangat je semua, half way through everyone was drained already.
Ustaz Nabir, Belfast

Later in the evening, we went to the city to have a taste of Cardiff night life (ceceh). And watched Breaking Dawn. Oh yes, siang pergi program and all, malam tengok movie. Balance kan? -.-

Winter Wonderland

Partner in crime dalam mem-balance-kan diri.

There goes Saturday. Then came Sunday. Pretty Sunny Sunday.
Modus Operandi: Cardiff City and Cardiff Bay.

Nyanyi Negaraku sambil tunggu bas.

Cardiff City Hall
Winter Wonderland daytime version.

Bri'ain, anyone?
Cardiff Castle

Duta Nike Cardiff.

Millenium Stadium

Cardiff Railway Station
Buffet for lunch!

Cardiff Bay, finally!

Took a train at 3.45pm, heading home, transit dekat Birmingham (again).
Birmingham Train Station

And finally,

Life is short. Your days are numbered. Are you going to sit and wait for things to happen like the shore, 
or be the waves that bring changes and leave marks?