Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Hunger Games trilogy.

So umm guys this came in the mail just now and I am soooo excited that I just have to blog about it now. Like now NOW! True, I went to somewhere nice last weekend and I would love to share it soon but that can wait - this, this is the real deal!


I know I know you'd probably be like, meehhhh we've all finished that loooong ago. But nuuuuu it's a big deal for me because (1) I'm not a big fan of fantasies, hence my lack of appreciation towards The Lord of The Rings and even Harry Potter :| Despite how people keep saying they grew up with it, I just watched the first two movies and forgot about them - it's too gloomy to watch! D: and (2) I don't buy books. Hardly. Ever. Buy. Books. I grew up reading a whole stack of hardback Enid Blyton series and some ancient Readers' Digest magazines in the 80s - 90s thanks to my parents, but no I don't use my pocket money to buy books. Books are too expensive!

Which is a very good reason for me to be excited about this time, because I got this trilogy of The Hunger Games for £4.49 delivered. SCORE!

And and aaaaand, I have to admit now that I have a Kindle, I prefer reading on Kindle more than paperbacks. Say what you have to say about nothing beats the good old smell of a fresh book, Kindle beats them all in term of convenience. Let's face it, books can be quite heavy especially when you want to read it before bedtime and holding the pages open can be annoying if not heartbreaking - well no one likes to crack the spine of a newly bought 400 pages book :(

And I read more with this Kindle. Ahh heavenly.

Just that The Hunger Games trilogy on Kindle is waaaaay too expensive. About 10 quids or so I think, and remember how I said I don't usually buy books? Point taken.

With regard to point number (1), the second movie Catching Fire got me sold completely! I hate how they leave it cliffhanging that I just have to buy the books to know what's next. GAHHH. I remember watching first The Hunger Games on my flight back to Malaysia and thought it was so good despite people around me saying it was so-so. Then Catching Fire came out and that's it, I'm done - Must. Buy. The. Books.

Sadly though I don't dare to unbox(?) them yet or else I'll spend hours reading them straight like how I did with Tony Parsons' Man and Boy before my summer exam last two years. Yes I passed Alhamdulillah, but the guilt of indulging myself in such a good book when I should be revising was just too much!

I guess it will be sitting at my bedside looking proud like a throne, for now. And now that excitement's over, back to revision! Have a good Thursday everyone!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Stomach flu.

".. Forgiving isn't something you do for someone else. It's something you do for yourself. It's saying, You're not important enough to have a stranglehold on me. It's saying, You don't get to trap me in the past. I am worthy of a future." - The Storyteller, Jodi Picoult

On a completely unrelated note, I have been 70% bed-bound for the past two days, making it a total of three days as the clock strikes 12 tonight. 

Yes yes it's yet another How I spend my winter break post. Which sadly, doesn't get better in time. I'm  caught up in what I'm pretty sure called as the stomach flu, or in its clever name viral gasteroenteritis. Which, let's be very honest, doesn't quite tally with all other symptoms that I have.

Stuff related to stomach flu:

Nausea, checked
Vomit, checked
Diarrhoea, checked
Bloating, checked
Abdominal cramps, checked
Mild fever, checked

Stuff I'm not sure why:

Massive intermittent abdominal cramps lasting 10-20 seconds every 15-20 minutes
Localised dull ache around the area of the xiphoid process

These two are pretty mysterious, and they're are the ones waking me up at night, horrifyingly. They seem more of a musculoskeletal stuff, but who knows? I'm not entirely convinced that it has to do with reflux and stuff since it really is pain, rather than burning sensation etc. And it doesn't go anywhere i.e. you get burning sensation behind your sternum up to your throat with reflux.


And no, I am not pregnant. Yet.

I rarely get gastrointestinal upset. Hardly. Ever. The foodie I am doesn't quite agree with it. Now that I'm having them, I can hardly eat and even if I do, I would be having a hard time to keep them down. I have been surviving on Milo, cereals and bread for the last 24 hours. And people, I really am desperate.

Had a friend staying over last night at our place who's been trying to coax me to eat regularly, albeit whatever it is. Another friend who gave the classic ever so well-known Chi Kit Teck Aun pill brought all the way from Malaysia just to see if it works. Another friend who suggests that ginger tea (or just ginger drink, really) would help. I took them all. I mean, I really took them all!

On a more positive note, I get to lay down for three days not feeling guilty about not studying whatnot and truly rest. No that's not quite true. I am worried about my revision especially when I'm planning to go somewhere nice this weekend and Adam will be here pretty soon and.. (I thought this should be a positive note?)

Okay back to to being positive, I finally get to finish Jodi Picoult's latest book The Storyteller yay! Bought it on Kindle and it's so good! Hence the quote above. Heh.

Above all, thank you for spending your precious minutes on this rambling - I am a baby when I'm sick. And please please, do pray for my health. Sakit kafarah dosa, true enough.

And pray for the flood victims in Pahang and Terengganu as well. The last thing I heard is Dungun is now flooding. And that's where I grew up, really.

Please be safe people, be safe!

Friday, December 6, 2013

How I spend my winter break in one picture.

So it's officially our winter break! A winter break that lasts til end of February 2014 (hopefully) with a gap of exam week somewhere in the middle, say whaaattt..??!? Anyways..

Before the start of my winter break

Remember these girls from my Sheffield post some ancient months ago? So yeah, half of them were here in Leicester last two weeks. Wait not even half.  Just the two of them - Ana and Edy. But never estimate their capabilities to run down a house. I had to apologise to my housemates in advance just in case we make weird noises in the middle of the night. Well these two can giggle like nobody's business with just each other's company, and now there was me, what do you expect? A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do man. Which is giggle all the way. And take loads and loads of selfies haha! There isn't much to say, really. It's just pictures of us. Yes, literally, just US, a bunch of giggling girls.

Don't say I didn't warn ye.

Clock Tower and all its glory of Christmas!

It's pretty obvious when it comes to our height. Also, Ana's reaaaaally good with selfie!

Seems like a pretty serious conversation for a mango, don't you think? Lol.

Notice how Edy's batting her eyelashes to the young seller. Haha!

They went all ooh-aahing at how cheap fruits and veges are at the market. And yes, it's our pride - the market. It seems quite dodgy lol to some extent, but here you can get a bowl full of clementines and oranges for £1, where you pay the same amount for 5 pcs in Tesco. Win!

Whenever you see pictures taken using self-timer, it's actually part of a series of pictures. I usually use timers in burst mode, say 10 captures at one time, hence all the weird poses lol. But for the sake for these unmarried ladies (thank you husband!), I'll save the worst for ourselves. Not gonna post any 'gambar tolak jodoh' as they claim it. Gambar tolak jodoh, how funny is that! Lolol.

Then we took it to the next level, to my bedroom. Double bed redefined, check.

Ana: Kau takde remote ke Bella? DSLR dah canggih dah, beli la remote pulak. Kata gadget freak.
Bella: Well, aku maybe gadget freak, tapi aku bukan selfie freak.


This was when Ana got excited over my hairstyler that she decided it would make an excellent prop for a photoshoot. Dear Ana's future husband, bertabahlah. Kahkah.

And I just have to post this ---

This is usually how it looks like at the end of the burst mode - us rolling all over the place giggling laughing like mad. I couldn't even hold myself when I was going through the pictures - we were so ridiculous!

Ahh good times good times. Now I wish the rest of the bebimbos (haha) were here. Missing you guys. Sigh.

After the start of my winter break

Endless revision. Winter break at its best.