Monday, June 6, 2016

Cranky birthday.

I'm a cranky bunny right now. Or as Adam would've said it - a grouchy Smurfette.

Note that Grouchy and Smurfette are two completely different Smurfs altogether so that's not a correct term!

(we recently bought an xbox with a Smurfs game, so bear with me.)

Anyways, back to being cranky.

I don't know. A lot has been happening, and believe it or not, I've had multiple blog posts drafted on my iPhone, only that when I opened them on laptop - somehow the text cursor (you know, the blinking one that shows where you are on the screen) wouldn't show up. Every time. So I ended up not editing them, which further makes them, well, un-post-able! No that's not a word, I'm just cranky.

Somehow I feel that my life came to a halt post-finals and elective. I should have a million things to do but none of them are progressing anywhere. Get UK visa done, nope. Driving license, nope. Accommodation in Northampton, nope. And I'm not even pregnant yet! Well the last bit because we're not even trying, so of course it won't happen. Ahhh again, bear with me, I'm just being cranky. 

I had my birthday recently, which was as mundane as any other days. It was a cold-rainy-typical-English-weather day, and I had to leave veeery early to catch a veeery early bus to General Hospital. All because Adam was on nights, so I couldn't have a ride to the hospital. Come to think of it, I was actually grumpy on that very day. (that was when Adam coined the name grouchy Smurfette.)

Came home to this later.

I can go on forever about the grammar errors, but for someone who just spent the whole night running around the hospital saving lives, 5 stars for the effort!

So my birthday gift this year is pretty unique. Adam let me choose three things.
1 item.
1 activity.
1 'anything'.

Yes I was wondering too what kind of 'anything' would it be. Until last night.

I was watching the movie PS. I Love You on TV in the lounge while Adam on his computer in the room. He suddenly came out and said, "Baby, just to let you know, that 'anything' I wrote in the card really means 'anything' tau," with a loving innocent look on his face.

It was the perfect timing as I was all sappy from the movie. So I said,

"I want a love letter each day, every day, till my next birthday."

Of course he refused out right. Actually no, he gave it a thought, asking me if it's a letter or just a simple love note, pondering on what it would be like having to write beautiful words for his wife for another 365 days. (it's actually less since 5 days have passed since my birthday).

And nope, he wasn't going to do it.

(referring to the movie),
"He knows he's dying, of course he has so much to say. You want me to die early, is it?"

I'm going to ask for a handbag every month, instead.

Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Dr Biby Girl.

A: Congratulations sayang! After this I call you Dr Biby okay?
B: Nuu I want to be Dr Girl.
A: You mean Dr Girl-Dont-Care?


Such a caring nick for a doctor!

(and if it was up to Adam, he'd have it spelled Gurl with a 'u')


Okay la okay la, not the most romantic conversation ever, but that's not the point.

Point is..

I'm a friggin' doctor!

I know right??!!?? Alhamdulillah, Allahu Akbar!!

Hehe fine la I'm a year behind most of my friends (since I took gap year in between IB and uni), but allow me to be uber-excited about this. I mean, trust me, I'm a doctor!

Can finally say that HAHAHA. *rolls eyes at future patients*

So yeah, I passed my Final Professional exam, Alhamdulillah.

And I owe this to a lot of people. A. WHOLE. LOT.

I mean, I could write a whole paragraph of "Ucapan terima kasih ditujukan kepada.." but I'll keep it short for now.

While a lot of people post their self-congratulatory and deep appreciation messages on FB, I feel like I owe this place more. You guys have been there throughout these past five years.

Thank you people. Thanks for the kind prayers, kind words, kind everything la. In fact sometimes when I'm feeling so down like I don't wanna do this anymore then a random comment popped in and I'm like, wow, someone's still reading this, cool or what?

Like some kind of occult motivation that you guys don't even know it, but it's there.

I've been wanting to write (and ramble, and whine, and rant!!) about my whole medical school journey, including why I don't usually write about my medical school life (haha, ironic), but that can wait.

I just want to take this moment in, to THANK EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU, for just being there. Sometimes when I ask you guys to make duas, I really don't know if anyone actually would. But I believe, as Muslims, we should all make prayers asking for the best of everyone, and I know you guys are super awesome too! We'd never know whose duas are being granted.


And yes, let's not stop praying, making duas, that He keeps granting the best to everyone, inshaAllah.

Signing off,
Dr Girl (who actually cares)

Thursday, April 7, 2016

Crossing multiple time zones, from USA to UK to MY.

On the way back from KLIA yesterday..

Ayah: Awak panas ke? Okay kita bukak pintu bagi sejuk sikit.

*bukak pintu kereta atas dashboard*

Pure moment of #dadjokes I tell you! Well to be fair Ayah can be very good at that. He even laughs at his own jokes so you kinda feel rude no to.

Anyways, #ayahjokes means I'm home, Alhamdulillah! I mean, that sort of home, not the kind of home you refer to just because you've been living in the UK for far too long that even a week in The States made you feel glad to be back. (I referred UK as "home" to the UK immigration officer in which she replied in genuine adoration, awh, it's nice that you think UK as home). Made me think twice, I must say. 

Also, USA has been nothing short of awesome! Move aside Amsterdam, New York is taking over. My favourite city has always been Amsterdam, been there twice, don't mind going there again. But now I must say I really fell in love with New York! To be fair it's a little not too clever to compare between the two given the size and geographical location.. I know, I know. But girl don't care. (girl don't care, another new frequently said phrase I picked somewhere). Have to blog about it at some point, but in general, it's a lot of this,


Getting a 6s before actually going there was probably one of the best decisions I have made this year.

Since USA deserves a whole series of its own, I'll leave it at that. Just another great news to share then - I've got my job rotations already! Aaanddd... Yes.... I did pick the same one as A.. Which means.. Yes... We are so gonna be colleagues weehoo!! *throws confetti everywhere*

*nervous laugh follows*

It's only going to be for four months, but it's the first four months in Northampton, my very first job ever! I'm very determined not to call him every time I need to put cannulas on, hmmphh!

A lot of good things have been happening Alhamdulillah, can't praise enough to Him for making this happen. Meanwhile let's keep praying for more good things inshaAllah.

(By now I'm sure you guys noticed that I'm a firm believer of prayers. I really am, they're sharp-shooting bullets that never miss!)

So keep making du'as people!!

Friday, March 18, 2016

Exam musing.

Typing this on the phone despite being at home, with complete luxury of having a full plugged-in laptop approx. 6 meters away. I choose not to, this duvet is a curse yet a blessing.

The concept of date and time is temporarily lost on me. Everyday is a blur, what more with A having his day off yesterday, right on the day after my OSCE exam. I was tricked into thinking it was Sunday, apparently it was only Thursday. Not quite 'only', because every second is another opportunity to revise (or more like pretending to, in my case), but I am currently so lost that I let Thursday and today, Friday, past with very minor intellectual progress. This brain needs some rest. 

And to make it more fun, A is on-call this weekend, 9am-10pm. Not that I miss him or anything pfft, but having him around at 7pm onward is so familiar that I find myself constantly looking at the clock wishing 10pm to come fast. Nearly 4 years in this marriage business, I'm still as clingy as ever.

A lot has been happening, and oh, I got myself a 6s in rose gold! Actually the plan was to get one while in The States, but my 4s died on me for a day and I was so stressed that we made an impromptu trip  to Apple store and landed myself with a 24-month contract (gasps!). By we I mean Nadd and I, and A obviously, since I refused to walk all the way and he just had to be extra nice since Nadd was around. Jk, he is nice. Why wouldn't he be anyway? And fyi, 4s came back to life the day after I took out the new contract. Yes, because my life can be pretty funny like that. 

Also, ahh. Yes, The States. United States or America. We're flying next week! (double gasps!). If you've been reading this blog long enough, then you would know that we had a previous hiccup with this USA thing. Well we're giving it another go, but not without some trials and tribulations though (wow), since it took us three rejected transactions before finally managing to get hold of decent tickets. We're leaving from Birmingham Airport inshaAllah, praying hard He'll make ease this time!

And speaking of 24 months phone contract, I jokingly told A that I officially need to work to pay for the monthly bills. Which brings us to the next point, I scored a job in Northampton-Leicester Alhamdullah! Well technically we don't know yet which is when, but that itself is something to be grateful about Alhamdulillah! It's kinda tempting to choose the same job rotation as A, as we'll get to work in the same space (we're not just talking about the same hospital guys, it's going to be in the same department!), then the idea of it sounds too scary. We're never a good team when it comes to serious business. Too playful for our own good. Plus, if we're in the same team, the chance of us having days off at the same time is zero to none, as you'll need other team members to cover the ward when someone's on leave. How to balik Malaysia together like that??!?!! Still.. I'm curious as to what will happen.... Not sure if I dare to take the risk though! #iprobablyshould

Spoke to my family on facetime earlier, including my nenek whom I call "Cik". 

Cik: Ummi cakap awak dapat kerja dah, sekali dengan Adam ke?
Me: Taktau lagi, inshaAllah harapnya sama hospital lah.
Cik: Kalau kerja satu hospital, nanti siapa balik kerja awal kena masak lah, kan?


Another two papers Monday-Tuesday next week, and I'm done inshaAllah! Kind prayers are highly appreciated, thank you :)

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Of dream wedding and bridesmaid dress.

Remember when I said I didn't have many girlfriends, so bridesmaids were out of question when we got married 3 years ago? Well, that was then. Now pretty much all my Whatsapp chats are girls. Girls power to the max!

And I still remember this conversation I had with Adam last year - we thought we should hold a reception after his graduation, combining the celebration of our marriage and his success (I married a doctor, whoop!) - something like a majlis kesyukuran. That got to me quite a bit, so I was kinda geared up for it for a while. Finally, a wedding of our own!

The idea of holding a reception got so serious that I even started looking for venues in KL. Most of them have to be booked months in advance, and since we couldn't commit to anything, we thought we'd just have it by the pool at his place in Bandar Tun Hussein Onn. They have a nice wooden gazebo there, complete with facilities like toilets and a small extra room that we could use as prayer room. It's going to be a cozy little space, with white paper lanterns hanging and fresh stalks of flowers on the tables, and there'll be a small jar of wishes on each table where guests could write their wishes on a little card for us.

I had it all pictured nicely in my mind.

And guess what, I might have also thought of having bridesmaids. Yes, Bella, and her bridesmaids. I mean, hey presto, who has girlfriends now?

And pretty bridesmaid dress? Yes please.

Since I had a pretty specific idea in my mind of how the day was going to be, the bridesmaid dress had to be on point as they set the tone and ambience of the whole thing. I was thinking of something pastel-y, like this.

This somehow reminds me of a Greek princess - with flowy capes and all. 

Then I thought, maybe I could try something different at that time. After all who took 3 years to do a reception, righttt? Taking bridesmaids to a whole new level with these instead.

The one on the left is just too mysterious I can only imagine a bunch of pretty girls (my girls!) in them walking around feeling just as mysterious. Haha. And let's be honest, the one on the right is probably more for me than anything else. After all it's monochrome, that itself spells, me. Uhh, guilty.

If I'm truuuly honest...
I'd loooove something like this for my wedding.

I mean, sure, it's see-through and all, but we'll work something out, right? 

Sigh. A girl can only dream.

All these and more bridesmaid dress designs to dream of! (trust me, I have a hard time deciding if I should get one of these dresses for myself, bridesmaid or not.)

Sure enough, it's 2016 now and we've missed the deadline. But having it a year later (2016, bring it on!) will only mean that there'll be more wedding fund since Adam has been working reeaaally hard as a young handsome doctor here in Leicester. And by then, he can also say he married a doctor,  now how's that for a change? Haaaaahh.

Meanwhile let me drool over these pretty dresses some more.

Written in collaboration with Zalora. 

Saturday, February 13, 2016

Cohabiting: Frozen lauk.

I know I'm not the most housewife-material of all, despite my goal to become one. Well, not really to become a housewife housewife, rather, to be a stay-at-home-mom with a steady income. Now how complicated is that? So much for a medical degree. 

But anyway, allow me to become a little domesticated this time.

Not sure if I've said it before, but I've been on placement in Burton for the last 6 weeks, coming back to Leicester only during the weekends. And as you can guess, I think I have completely spoilt Adam in a sense that he won't cook for himself when I'm not around. He'll opt for the take-outs and delivery instead.  And sometimes nasi with telur goreng semata.

Sedih saya mendengarnya. Tummy department doesn't sound like it's doing too well.

That's when I decided to come up with a plan - frozen meals. God bless whoever invented freezer meals. It's well known among the Westeners as their food aren't so much like ours, which have to nasi and lauk. And rasanya orang Melayu kalau masak memang terbaik, macam nak bersilat kat dapur pun ada. Living in the UK where bahan masakan Melayu can be limited, frozen lauk solves half of the problem. I'm still desperate for daun kesum to make asam pedas, though!

So last Thursday we went to Tesco for chickens, a whole lot of chicken.

This, whole lot of chicken. All 24 pieces of them, (yes I counted).

And another whole lot of bawang

Plus about half a kg of beef. The beef isn't part of the frozen meal plan, but because someone posted something about 'daging jeruk' on Facebook the other day, I thought I just had to.

It was literally this. Slices of meat layered with lime/lemon and salt prepped overnight in the fridge, and shallow fried in oil, onion and chilli the next day. I tell you, this totally feeds the kampung girl in me.

And now, skipping to random parts of the cooking process. Since I'm good at cooking and not cooking-while-snapping-momentous-pictures, you'll see only the beginning of it, as halfway through I realised that my ayam kicap was nearly burnt, and the curry paste was making a mess all around, so grabbing a DSLR was the last thing on my mind.

I decided to make 3 dishes - ayam kicap, ayam masak lemak and kari ayam. I wanted to do tomyam too, but decided against it as there's not enough pots and pans, and the freezer wouldn't take it as well.

Half-frying the chicken for ayam kicap.

Slices of meat for paprik daging - this was for actual dinner, not quite for freezing.

Adding onions before I left them a little too long and realising that it's slightly burnt.

Curry and chilli paste, a whole lot of curry paste. Lesson learnt, use less next time.

Tumis kari.

At some point my stove looked like this. My heart bloomed with pride.

And in the end the kitchen was a complete mess. 
In my ideal world, Adam would come home to wash them (I cook, he cleans), but my ideal world also consists of a perfectly clean kitchen after a successful freezer meals prep. And it helps that we have an open plan kitchen, which means the living room and kitchen continues in one open space. It would be impossible to sit and watch TV with this view on the background, nope.

The end product. The OCD in me bursts into joy!

Each container holds 2 pieces of chicken, enough for 2 meals at a time. The two containers on the right keep cili kering yang dah ditumis untuk masak lauk 'merah', like paprik and anything sambal. I know it would be more space-savvy if I use the ziplock bag, as they can be compressed, and they don't get freezer-burnt for a long time. But I'm not very keen on the idea of having to transfer them into another bowl for serving, and we're not keeping these dishes for a very long time anyway. I foresee these would be gone in a week or two - which means 2 weeks of no bersilat kat dapur, haha.

Wife job, done. And now back to the duty role of a student, phew.