Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Home is you.

The moment I knew Adam's got a job in Leicester, I cried out of happiness. I was ecstatic. Euphoric. The idea of moving together thrills me like nothing else. We're  gonna do a lot of things together! We'll do that food roadtrips that we've always wanted. We'll sing and dance under the dim light of cooker hood after dinner. We'll fill the fridge with fresh groceries and wallop over Tesco ice cream tub watching late night movies. We'll go on a run on weekends. We'll.. The possibilities are endless. 

Then it dawns me.. We'll also wonder why the room feels too small and restricting. We'll have dinners at not-so-right time just because one of us isn't hungry, yet. We'll crave that personal space that has been enveloping us for 25 odd years. Actually I will probably long for it most. Solitude is probably going to be a thing in the past. 

Suddenly the reality of living together becomes too daunting. 

Adam's back in UK to get on a new phase of life inshaAllah after his short holiday for Raya. And I'm back in KL for summer break. We had 3 days to spend in KL before he left, and it has been most wonderful to have him here. Home feels complete with him here. 

Now, I want nothing else but to be with him. Nevermind the huffs and puffs of starting a new life together, I just want to be by his side. Lets not worry about what the future holds. We'll figure things out later. We always do. 

Sometimes.. I'd give anything, everything to have this guy back in my arms. 

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Cohabiting: You never know whose dua is being granted.

Few days ago this arrived at my front door.

I texted Ayah this picture, and of course he had to reply,

"Pizza man."

How thoughtful.

Anyway, this is a picture of Adam with all his worldly possessions of 5 years in his car, here in Leicester.

Alhamdulillah, he's got a job in Leicester. Alhamdulillah. He'll be doing his first year of housemanship in Leicester, second in Northampton. Which is what we have been hoping for since I'll be in final year when he's in Leicester, which also means that we can finally move in together, inshaAllah!

2015 has been challenging to us. We've been through quite a few dips and bleak times when all that  was there was just hope and faith. At some point we even told each other it's probably best to just wing it, "whatever happens, happens", because to be honest, when a trial hit you one after another, you just think, maybe you shouldn't be putting any hopes at all.

Still, all those while, I keep making duas that we'd find a way out of this. Or at least for us to be shown the hikmah of what's been happening. I tell others too, to please make dua for us, even when it doesn't seem very likely we'd get it considering what already happened.

Speaking of the power of dua, 

I took a taxi from Leicester bus station after coming back from Adam's graduation in Belfast last Sunday. The taxi driver seemed so pleased and eager when he saw me. He asked me how I'm doing, where I'm back from, etc. And when I told him I just came back from Belfast for my husband's graduation, he then asked, "Oh yea, how is he doing?" 

I thought it was a weird question considering I don't really know this taxi man, but I replied anyway, "He's fine Alhamdulillah. He's got a job in Leicester so we're hoping there's no more of this Belfast-Leicester trips". I mentioned it ever so casually when the man suddenly went to silence. He kept saying Alhamdulillah to himself and only then I realised what was happening

He was crying. This man, this taxi man, this complete stranger, he was weeping in front of me.

"I remember you very well. I remember you around Christmas time (about 6 months ago) when I picked you up from from the bus station. You told me that you just got back from seeing your husband in Belfast. He studies medicine too, right? So you told me how you two have been flying back and forth Belfast-Leicester for many years, and you were hoping that he'd get a job in Leicester because he'll finish earlier than you. You asked me to make dua for you. And I remember, because I specifically made dua, Oh Allah, please bring this couple together. I made that dua specifically for you two. And look, He's granted my dua, in this holy month of Ramadhan. I'm just at lost of words.  He granted my dua. Alhamdulillah."

So this complete stranger, whom I just met once, whose only connected to me in the name of Allah, in the brotherhood of Islam, made a dua to Adam and I, just because I asked him to.

Of course I cried too. It was too emotional. Who would've known I would take his taxi 6 months later and deliver the good news to him myself? That his dua has been granted?

He then added, "That's why The Prophet pbuh said, when you meet another brother/sister, ask them to make dua for you. You don't know whose dua is being granted. Subhanallah."


So here I am, thanking whoever's reading this, for the duas that you guys have made, for every kind words that you guys have said, either to yourself or in the comment box. Thank you. May Allah grant us Jannah, inshaAllah.

And if you guys can spare 20 seconds to make dua for this taxi man, his name is Amir from Algeria, that Allah bestows him goodness in life inshaAllah, I would be most grateful.

Pray. Make duas. You never know whose dua is being granted.

Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Doctor, est 2015.

Queen's University of Belfast

"Hey, are you a cardiothoracic surgeon?"

Cause you took my heart away.