Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Moving in.

So as you know, we've been living with our parents for the past few weeks. One time at his, one time at mine, one time at Wan's, one time at kampung. Nasib baik tak pernah tidur dalam kereta je. Simply said we slept in any places that we could crash in, because we are both students with money amounting from negative to zero but still wanted to kawen hoho. Orang kata kahwin murah rejeki, mana tahu lepas kawen ni income jadi woosh wooshh kan. Okay income from where me also dono.

And here's the real deal, we're now back in Belfast. Yes, the big fat U to the K. And yes, I'll be staying with him. In his house. Invading his room. Sleeping in his bed. Eating his food (or more like preparing his food sobs). It's only the first day, I can't say much. But looking at the rate we are going.. This will take some time to adjust (cries)

It got more kelam kabut because it's practically his first day moving into his new house too.

And he's having his first class later. Oooohh Adam's going to his first class of the third year, on the very same day he arrived in UK even! Baby that's impressive.

New house! Baru lah feel kawen duduk rumah sendiri.

Masuk je terus bukak laptop. Time ni chill lagi.

Then became so stressed already. Aiyoo.

I was hungry (and still am at the moment sobs) so I kept on humming "Yapaaa" to myself. That somehow turned out to be not a very smart move since Adam became worried and started panicking. 

"Katil nak susun macam mana? Muat tak tutup pintu?" 

"Cadar single tapi katil queen so how?" 

"Banyaknya sampah arghhh." 

All these while worrying about his pending uni registration and of course, me being hungry. Kesian isteri lapar ni woh sobs.

But finally he came to his sense that he needed to get ready for class, so he went to shower, dug up his clothes, and..

Gigih carikan kiblat untuk isteri solat. Argh. NANGES.

My little boy going to his first day of school.

After he left I started to wander around his room. Touch here, poke there, peek into this box, open that closet, yadda yadda. But of course, what really amazed me was this.

26" Full HD LCD TV bai. Tak main la Mac 13" separuh je size tu.
No wonder la asyik DoTA je kerja. Huh.

Couple of hours after he left..

Waaaa ingat lagi isteri lapar nih. NANGES.

Isteri pulak, terharu punya pasal, terus jadi kenyang dengan kasih sayang.


Monday, August 27, 2012

The last dinner.

And I'm so gonna miss his annoying asap yang membunuh.

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Finished packing.

My version of finished packing.

As long as can close the bag, then I'm done.

But the next morning I woke up to this.. 

The bag and all the stuff reorganised themselves!

No, actually Ummi did the repacking knowing that I'm hopeless when it comes to keeping stuff organised. Without me knowing/asking. Kasih ibu :')

But then again here comes this..

How to fit 20kgs olso dono wan.


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sampai tua.

Happy Eid people! 

Yes I wish to write much longer recalling all the bits of Raya that happened but I just got home from a tiring 12-hour trip from Kelantan. Phew phew. Maka perasaan malas menaip dan cubaan mengingat kembali tempat kejadian sungguh tidak berhasil. Added with the eagerness to blog-hop and FB-Twitter-stalk (since we're so orang kampung with no Internet connection), ooh-aahh-ing over others' baju raya and food seem to be more fun than having to post my own.

But Alhamdulillah, this Raya has been one of the most happening ever. We went back to Kelantan, my mum's hometown, to introduce the new guy to the big family. And it's so funny when he asked me who's this and that and all I could answer was "Entah, Bella pun tak kenal."

Woha, so much for the "introduction" heh.

We met all the aunties uncles, couzies (hipster gila spelling weh) atuks neneks, even the moyangs! And somehow seeing the elderlies, we cannot help but think of how they've been through a whole lot in their lives. So I raised my usual useless idea to him.

Bella: We got married in 2012. We have to live until 2062 to tell people that we've been married for 50 years already. Have to live for that long you see?
Adam: InshaAllah. Kita nak hidup lama-lama dengan awak. Nak jaga awak.
Bella: But what if I got Alzheimer? Nanti kita tak kenal awak dah. Acaneeee??
Adam: Then kita doa kat Allah, suruh bagi kita terus kuat and tabah untuk jaga awak. Okay?

Touching gila terus taknak cakap pasal Alzheimer dah. 


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Love overdose.

New family. Loves.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

The day I found out that I can still drive.

Was the day I wish would have never happened.

Friday, August 17, 2012


Adam: Sayang, where's my baju yang basuh haritu?
Bella: Try tengok dalam bakul depan TV. Cari lah kat situ.
Adam: Tapi kenapa semua baju lipat elok elok dalam plastik? Awak kemas ke? Pergh.
Bella: Aah kita kemas. Bukak je plastik tu takpe.

Moments later..


Kantoi buli adik hantar laundry kat dobi. 29 hengget pulak tu. Mahal mak noks.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Long lost love.

HOMAI HOMAI :O :O you're back.

Must. Go. Buy. NOOWWWW!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

I married a starfish.

The night before..

Adam: Okay here's the plan. Esok pagi kita bawak kereta pergi servis kat Serdang, lepas tu shopping barang nak bawak gi UK kat Jusco, petang tu kita gi Mines buka puasa dengan Asyriq and Rahimi. Then balik PV8. As simple as that.

The next day at 1pm..

A huge starfish.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spot the differences.

Swapping places. Heh.

"Tapi kita mecing. Acaneeeee???!!!" Said Adam in his most annoying voice ever.


Sunday, August 5, 2012


"Allahu Akbar. Baru gerak. Allahu Akbar. Baru gerak."

As he turned around after few rakaats of tarawih, looking at me with a very serious face.

Well well. Only yesterday I got myself a husband, now I'm having a lesson on solat berjemaah.

It feels.. Weird. I still can't register the word "husband" into my head. Feels like just yesterday when we're still friends, making fun of each other and such.

Thus when people ask, how's married life? I would say not much different.

Except having a man by your side 24/7 which feels pretty much amazing.

And also, having to share the bed and room and your own personal space with a man almost twice your size is.. Ermm.. How do I put it.. Well.. Needs a bit of some adjustments.

But the moment you heard this coming from his mouth during prayers..

"Ya Allah kau ampunkanlah dosaku, dosa isteriku.."

"Berkatilah perkahwinan ini.."

That's priceless.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Red love.

My very first wedding gift yay!

Thank you sosososoooo much, Fadzlin! I'm sosososooooo touched! :')

On another note, had my inai fixed tonight. And guess what? This evening I was so numb about the whole wedding thing tomorrow, but seeing the inai all over my hands made me all freak out!

Freaked out about the wedding tomorrow, checked. And of course, the inai itself. I'm scared of my own hands! Man they're so red. Feels like something is crawling up my hands. All the time! Poor little hands.

Anywhooo, after many days of going out together to settle stuff, we thought we might need a little time off, which was today. So we didn't see each other today, neither did we talk much.

At the end of the day, Adam called:

Adam: Awak, awak sedar tak kita nak kawen esok???? Awak tau takk???!!
Bella: Yee. Tauu laaa. Ramai je kawan kita yang call and text hari ni excited kita kawen esok.
Adam: Haa?? Yeke? Tapi kita takde orang call pun?? Pastu kita nak excited dengan sape?? Alaa sedih la camni...
Bella: Awwhh you can be excited with me, kita kan kawan awakk.

He was screaming over the phone. 


Well I'm pretty sure there must be reasons why I'm marrying him.