Thursday, August 23, 2012

Sampai tua.

Happy Eid people! 

Yes I wish to write much longer recalling all the bits of Raya that happened but I just got home from a tiring 12-hour trip from Kelantan. Phew phew. Maka perasaan malas menaip dan cubaan mengingat kembali tempat kejadian sungguh tidak berhasil. Added with the eagerness to blog-hop and FB-Twitter-stalk (since we're so orang kampung with no Internet connection), ooh-aahh-ing over others' baju raya and food seem to be more fun than having to post my own.

But Alhamdulillah, this Raya has been one of the most happening ever. We went back to Kelantan, my mum's hometown, to introduce the new guy to the big family. And it's so funny when he asked me who's this and that and all I could answer was "Entah, Bella pun tak kenal."

Woha, so much for the "introduction" heh.

We met all the aunties uncles, couzies (hipster gila spelling weh) atuks neneks, even the moyangs! And somehow seeing the elderlies, we cannot help but think of how they've been through a whole lot in their lives. So I raised my usual useless idea to him.

Bella: We got married in 2012. We have to live until 2062 to tell people that we've been married for 50 years already. Have to live for that long you see?
Adam: InshaAllah. Kita nak hidup lama-lama dengan awak. Nak jaga awak.
Bella: But what if I got Alzheimer? Nanti kita tak kenal awak dah. Acaneeee??
Adam: Then kita doa kat Allah, suruh bagi kita terus kuat and tabah untuk jaga awak. Okay?

Touching gila terus taknak cakap pasal Alzheimer dah. 



Anonymous said...

selamat hari raya... errr ketujuh sis!
i lovee the way i see both of u togetha.

semoga kekal sehingga ke akhirnya insyaallah.



Bella said...

Thank youuuuu! Sekarang dah nickname RCA glemer mak noks :P