Thursday, December 19, 2013

The Hunger Games trilogy.

So umm guys this came in the mail just now and I am soooo excited that I just have to blog about it now. Like now NOW! True, I went to somewhere nice last weekend and I would love to share it soon but that can wait - this, this is the real deal!


I know I know you'd probably be like, meehhhh we've all finished that loooong ago. But nuuuuu it's a big deal for me because (1) I'm not a big fan of fantasies, hence my lack of appreciation towards The Lord of The Rings and even Harry Potter :| Despite how people keep saying they grew up with it, I just watched the first two movies and forgot about them - it's too gloomy to watch! D: and (2) I don't buy books. Hardly. Ever. Buy. Books. I grew up reading a whole stack of hardback Enid Blyton series and some ancient Readers' Digest magazines in the 80s - 90s thanks to my parents, but no I don't use my pocket money to buy books. Books are too expensive!

Which is a very good reason for me to be excited about this time, because I got this trilogy of The Hunger Games for £4.49 delivered. SCORE!

And and aaaaand, I have to admit now that I have a Kindle, I prefer reading on Kindle more than paperbacks. Say what you have to say about nothing beats the good old smell of a fresh book, Kindle beats them all in term of convenience. Let's face it, books can be quite heavy especially when you want to read it before bedtime and holding the pages open can be annoying if not heartbreaking - well no one likes to crack the spine of a newly bought 400 pages book :(

And I read more with this Kindle. Ahh heavenly.

Just that The Hunger Games trilogy on Kindle is waaaaay too expensive. About 10 quids or so I think, and remember how I said I don't usually buy books? Point taken.

With regard to point number (1), the second movie Catching Fire got me sold completely! I hate how they leave it cliffhanging that I just have to buy the books to know what's next. GAHHH. I remember watching first The Hunger Games on my flight back to Malaysia and thought it was so good despite people around me saying it was so-so. Then Catching Fire came out and that's it, I'm done - Must. Buy. The. Books.

Sadly though I don't dare to unbox(?) them yet or else I'll spend hours reading them straight like how I did with Tony Parsons' Man and Boy before my summer exam last two years. Yes I passed Alhamdulillah, but the guilt of indulging myself in such a good book when I should be revising was just too much!

I guess it will be sitting at my bedside looking proud like a throne, for now. And now that excitement's over, back to revision! Have a good Thursday everyone!

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