Friday, November 25, 2011

I have loved you for a thousand years, I'll love you for a thousand more.

Skype with Umi.

Umi: You always do your hair like that ah?
Me: Well sometimes. Serabut lah sebab tu jadi camni.
Umi: Well you can always tie your hair at the back.
Me: Tak boleh la, rambut tak sama panjang nanti jatuh tepi tepi.
Umi: Okay, but it looks funny. 
Me: Why do you always have to pick on me? Dulu jerawat, lepas tu bilik sepah. Now my hair. Ugh. Tak baik laahhhh.
Umi: Takde la. I remember when you cut your own hair and taknak pergi kedai lepas tu end up with a very funny haircut.

Ps. Umi memang suka pick on me. Dulu rambut kelakar lah, lepas tu every time ada jerawat baru naik, she'll always be among the first to tegur, like WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR SKIN?? Then tiba tiba bagi remark lepas lama tak jumpa, LOOK YOU'RE GETTING ROUNDER. (Depressing kan itu yang first orang perasan -.-) And since datang UK ni, tak habis habis nak cakap bilik I sepah. And tadi kena pulak funny hairdo. Ugh. Thanks Mom.


Umi: Have you called your dad?
Me: Dah. Semalam. He's doing fine.
Umi: Kesian Ayah, he said he's not eating anything. Sorang sorang.
Me: Eh? Ayah cakap rilek je makan nasik goreng dengan ayam peri peri?
Umi: Did he tell you that? Ooo he lied to me theennn. Haaaa.
Me: Mana ada tipu, saja nak manja manja wife jauh ololo.
Umi: Alah ye la tu. Did you really call him? When?
Me: Yela. Semalam. Tak baca blog ka?
Umi: Got no time to read blogs la these days. Busy dengan anak anak. (cewah)
Zahid: *from afar* Umi baca blog? OMG.
Umi: Hey Umi memang baca blog la. My kids', my husband's, in fact I have my own blog but I'm not telling youuu.


What's scarier than a mom who reads her kids' blogs and has her own but not telling youuu?

Oh, lupa. Hi Umi (:

Pps. Some of the conversations have been altered due to limited memory capacity of the blogwriter. And also to exaggerate things and make the whole thing looks more interesting hewhewhew. But jalan cerita asal lebih kurang macam tu lah. 

Meanwhile tadi godek godek email lama from Ayah, jumpa ni. What a coincidence.
Syahirah's birthday last year in Miri, Sarawak, emailed by Ayah to me in KL. A year has passed, it's her birthday today, and I'm in UK while they're all in KL. 

It seems like the more time we have spent, the less time we have left.

Happy Birthday Syahirah. Although we never really get along well, we're still sisters. For life. *geli

I'll love you guys for a thousand years and more.

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