Thursday, December 16, 2010

Fix her. She's broken.

She's not sure how to feel right now. She took half the day off at work since she was having a terrible flu. Her head has been pounding hard, her vision was blurring. Both eyes couldn’t get any redder than they were, and the nose kept on pouring clear warm fluid without any reasons.

And at only 12-something noon, it was raining hard outside.

It was painful. Not only was the flu, the whole body reacting to the sickness was just awful. For the first time in 20 years, she cried in public, in front of total strangers. With no one beside her. Found an isolated spot in the LRT heading home, and the tears kept streaming down her face, just like the heavy rain outside.

Everything was mixed up. She was in pain, her head felt dizzy, her breathe was unsteady that she found herself wheezing all the time, her heart was aching. She was missing someone so terribly. Best said, she was a complete miserable mess.

Just yesterday she got a proposition from Maxis to work permanently for them. And that was not some kind of contract extension or what, it’s for permanent, means that she actually works for them, instead of the work agency she is currently with.

Just yesterday she found out that her very first salary was approved, that she would have to check her bank account if it is already there. She started late, she didn’t even work for the full month, but the pay was really good.

Just yesterday she was involved in a training session for Maxis staff from different Maxis centres nationwide, and everyone thought she did a wonderful job despite she looked like a high school student amongst them all.

Just yesterday she met a familiar face whom she has been missing so much, though they just met about a month ago, and had fun laughing hard til their stomachs hurt.

Just yesterday her family arrived from Miri, proudly signifying that they are now a complete happy family.

And today she suffers from this real bad flu that she could barely woke up in the morning, and her heart just wouldn’t stop longing for someone at the other side of the world.

Life is never fair.

Unless when there were tears, of course. 

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