Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Awfully Awesome.

Forget the fever. Forget the flu. Forget the heartache. Forget the missed Tron midnight show at Pavilion. Okay tipu yang itu memang takleh forget. GRRR. Sorry kawan :’(

But heyyyy. These past few days have been awesome okay. Eh silap, it’s AWESOME with capital A-W-E-S-O-M-E. But wait, did I get the tone right? Well, AWESOME DUDE! Anyways this thought of awesome thingy has been bugging me. Why is it AWEsome vs AWful? It’s like, you know, in AWE. AWEEEE. With mouth wide open like :O Okay forget it, that’s not the main point.

So for some awesome reasons, I have been in touch with many many many awesome people lately.
I Skype with KN for hours merajuk sana sini teasing each other emo being a loser lepas tu perasan KN senior masuk paper sharing that AWESOME Just A Dream video (serius WAJIB usha!) status war etc. OMG AWESOME.

Ridhu called few days back catching up spilling stories laughing like mad kejap bahagia segala lepas tu koyak habis looking forward for his homecoming (macam fag hag la pulak) next February. AWESOME.

Ara text me out of nowhere on her way to California escaping the snow using her friend’s phone cuz her credit was running low then I called her back and realized that Skype phone calls to US is way way way cheaper than to UK made my heart go burst into joy just by listening to her mengarut meraban. AWESOME.

I added DJ on Skype since she couldn’t reach me via YM (okay my YM is more or less like FB now – so yesterday) and we were like OMGGGGGG I finally found youuuu! AWESOME.

Darling Heni Skype me spilling up some things that I was actually prepared to know but somehow I feel so awesome knowing it from herself after being silent for a loooooong time and it makes me feel more awesome  knowing that she’s now errmmmm;) AWESOME.

Also, I went Gaga with Wan (yes it’s Syazwan Muez people!) LOOOGISTIICCCCSSS! :D Was at the office when my colleague asked me to teach her using Skype. So Wan being my tikus mondok yang sangat comel (yes, he IS cute Wan sila perasan!) we were experimenting to show my friend Skype features. And we were actually at the office and Wan was mengada3 showing off his Dublin snow while I was in my work attire and felt like OMG I MISSS YOUUUUUU exroomie to beeeeee! (errkk?) You never know how Fishies love/miss/annoy each other :’) AWESOME.

I found out that my two sayangs, okay so only one of them is my sayang, the other one like PHBBTT (kau tau kau sape aku sayang kau HAHAH) is now in the air, floating. And since I know that the guy has been keeping feelings for her sampai nak tukar country of placement (which I warned him so banyak3 kali to think about it), and now seeing them happy though thousands miles separated, I think he made the right choice. Wah aku dah cakap aku penasihat cinta terbaik! Okay feel stupid there. Takkira, kau kena balik summer next year kita date ramai3 yeay! AWESOME.

And the MOST AWFULLY AWESOME part is..

Meet my brother. I think we look AWFULLY AWESOME together.

Ada bantahan?

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