Thursday, December 23, 2010

Sleeping with YouTube repeating awesome clip is awesome, but not with your Skype on and your status Available.

Found yourself in love with an AWESOME video on YouTube playing an AWESOME song and would like to AWESOMIZE your life with it but too lazy to keep clicking the not-so-awesome 'Play' over and over again?

Fret not!

There is now a solution to automatically repeat your favorite video on YouTube without having to play it yourself!


Simply add the word 'repeat' before .com on the YouTube URL of the awesome video.


The original URL of the YouTube video

The new URL with 'Repeat' function


Well, what are you waiting for?

AWESOMIZE your life with this SUPER-AWESOME function!

Okay taktau kalau benda ni dah basi, but for a newbie yang baru nak gelabah dengan YouTube, nak3 lepas jatuh cinta dengan lagu yang seriously awesome ni, memang excited gelabah habis ada Repeat function, sekarang boleh buat lullaby. HOYEAH!

And the links above are really really super duper AWESOME!

Memang lah, sebab semua links dalam post ni lead to the same thing. -.-"

And excited jakun melampau, walhal boleh je download video tu. 


Well, Shahir cakap perempuan suka exaggerate things. Cliche.