Sunday, December 12, 2010

Hoes, hose, whores, whichever it is.

I have a friend. Although we are not officially close friends, somehow I have grown to like his way of being friends.

He is the type who would offer his help even without being asked. And when asked, there isn’t anything he wouldn’t do to help. In my case, he would simply ask me if I want to join him and his friends (well, they are MY friends too, actually) whenever he is around. One would say that is just normal and plain and nothing much, even he would think that too, perhaps. But not for me. As someone who has very few closest ones, asking people out is really not me. No matter how much I want to see them, hang out with them, let loose etc, it’s just not me. I would definitely looooove to meet up, do nothing, just hanging around cracking some silly jokes, but I just won’t ask. This friend of mine, he always speaks unknown languages with his friends. And by that, I mean inside jokes, boys’ jokes that are not supposed to be understood by, of course, a girl. But I am fine with that. I might feel a bit silly, but at least I know I was invited. They don’t mind having me around. And exchanging puzzled glances with another girl friend seems fine. I don’t mind.

He always says – Bros before hoes. Then I wonder what am I doing there, not being a bro. But whenever he said that and sort of like including me, I feel honored.

I wish I am more like him.

Chicks before eggs of Eggs before chicks?

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