Saturday, March 16, 2013

Death news.

Lately I received quite a number of death news. Not very pleasant considering I'm pretty sick myself. But at times like this, things had me thinking,

I thought I have an issue - been sick for over a month with no apparent reason, even the doctor couldn't really tell what's going on. But apparently there are people out there with a much bigger issue - death.

Losing someone dear isn't easy, and I won't say I know how it feels. I don't. Despite having lost arwah Tok Wan long ago, I'm not convinced that we all deal with death the same way. Plus, I was young when I had to go through it, somewhere in my primary school. To receive the news at this age might not be the same.

I'm not good at comforting people, that I have to admit. I fail even more miserably when it comes to telling people what they want to hear. I'm not good at expressing myself upfront either. I don't know how to tell people how deeply saddened I am by the news. But secretly, silently, insha Allah, you know my prayer is there, all the way.

To KN who recently lost his Ibu, rezeki Allah ada kat mana-mana. Tinggal kita nak usaha and doa je. I won't tell you to be strong, for I know you are, you have always been. There are things that can never tell you in person, but please know how greatly I look up to you, how sincerely I care, even if it's in my own way that I can never tell.

To Kak Hana who recently lost her Mok, if cherishing the moments is what works, then keep cherishing. The sixth pillar of Iman - Belief in the predestination by Allah of all things, both the (seemingly) good and the (seemingly) bad. Maybe that's what they meant when they say it's bad to cry for the deceased, we don't know.

To Abil who recently lost her grandfather, keep praying. I certainly don't know how things are at the moment, but never stop praying, it's the only thing we have. Kalau itu je yang kita mampu buat, then itu lah yang kita buat.

I remember this one prayer I posted long ago, a prayer while doing Tawaf.

Doa Tawaf pusingan ke-4 

"...Ya Allah Ya Tuhanku, jadikanlah diriku berpuas hati dengan pemberian yang Engkau kurniakan kepadaku, berkatilah apa yang Engkau anugerahkan kepadaku dan gantikanlah apa yang hilang daripadaku dengan apa yang lebih baik daripada Engkau."

People, please, spare a moment to include them in your prayers. May Allah bless.

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