Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Heaven is a place on Earth with you.

I'm typing this in bed while having Ben and Jerry's Half Baked (because I couldn't find anything else for breakfast) with Adam on my side snuggling tight in his coccoon of duvet, insisting that it was ONLY 8.55am not ALREADY 8.55am.

Lesson one, find someone with the same biological clock as yours.

I'm still in the UK. Belfast, to be exact. Leicester was snowing terribly last weekend, and I was stuck at East Midlands Airport for almost 7 hours. Our flight to New York was from Dublin, and I you can guess, I couldn't make it to Dublin in time. I had to miss the flight.

We had the option to reschedule my flight to New York, but that would only be on Monday. Adam would have to fly first on Saturday and meet me there. It doesn't sound as bad until you put money into the equation. If we chose to do that, we'd have to pay almost £500 extra for the rescheduling. After what seemed to be an endless discussion on Viber (Adam was in Dublin relying only the airport wifi while I was at East Midlands), we decided to let it pass. 

Let US pass.

There are actually a whole load of things behind this US trip. And I decided that missing the flight was the last straw. Nevermind the idea of not going to US, or letting nearly £500 down the drain, it's really something more personal than that.

Lesson finally learnt.

I don't know what am I going to do with 5 weeks of spring break ahead of me, although doing nothing lazying around with no pressure of exams whatsoever doesn't sound too bad. And if I'm bored I have Adam to annoy, which could be some sort of entertainment until we drive each other nuts and try not to suffocate each other while asleep.

But for now, I'll just treasure this moment, the quiet morning, listening to his slow breathing, watching his eye twitch everytime I stroke his hair.


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