Saturday, March 2, 2013

Cologne, Germany.

My travel stories are getting poorer each time aren't they? I was actually staring at the laptop before deciding to take a plunge into sorting the massive amount of pictures on our winter trip. Yes the so called winter trip. Kept telling myself that I have to post them somehow or I'll get into the habit of forgetting things. Oh well not that I don't forget things already.. But yeah you get the idea.

Cologne, Germany. It's Koln in local language, which is Germany too (?) The railway station was impressive :O And oh, we took the ICE train, just in case anyone is interested in travelling cross-country Amsterdam-Cologne or whatever.

The train continued to Frankfurt, which I suppose should be more fun. So yeah, can take ICE too.

Our hotel in the middle of nowhere (again). I'm pretty sure I've lost my logistics skills since retiring from Fish for Life at KMB, hence the jin bertendang hotels that I found.

But man this hotel was nice!

And the breakfast was good too!

This was taken on our second day breakfast, which wasn't as good as the first one. Oh yes I'm a big fan of big massive all you can eat breakfast buffet. It's nice to know you're waking up to something yummy and toasty. Ahhh. 

Okay now I miss all the hotels we used to stay in KL when we were still living in Terengganu. Now that we have a house in KL... The grandest breakfast that could ever be is roti canai mamak, or probably Old Town Cafe depan rumah. Or maybe McDonalds breakfast, yummeh. Though cannot eat anymore in an attempt to boycott. Meh.

I love that it's a real proper hotel with real proper food. We sat at a corner and had our breakfast and watched people came and go.. Just like the good old days. Or maybe it's just me.

Next, The Triangle.

It's actually a tall building with 360 degree panoramic view of Cologne, surrounded by glass wall. And each place is labelled on the glass, so just in case you forgot what you were looking at, or couldn't really be bothered like me, that's a genius invention I tell you.

Yup so we were looking at this place just now. Oh how so very convenient.

The bridge from up close.

There were padlocks all over the bridge gate (?) Lover locks.

And two cheapskates we were, found a padlock with A&B and immediately pretended it was ours. Money saved.

Somehow we were told than Van Persie (the footballer) lives in one of the apartments in the inverted L shape in the picture. Oh well not that I know him..

The old city.

The new city.

I'm always attracted to lights and things that shine, hence I found this cool.

And we had our late lunch at an Italian bar.

Adam had been craving for mussels since day one, so he had this spaghetti with mussels. So good I can't even :O

While I had prawn fettucine and it was so good I could die no I swear the picture here doesn't do justice. For EUR8 this is sooo gooood. CRIES D:

With peach tea. Yummeh.

The old church that we saw earlier, at night. Picture is shaky and blurry because it was raining and freezing cold. Though I think it's just me losing all my camera skills again (not that I had any) and developing some kind of wobbly limbs problems or stuff.

There aren't many pictures of Cologne partly because I was lazy (and still am), and a more valid reason is because Cologne itself is a small city. You'd want to come here during Christmas season where there would be Christmas markets and lights and stuff. But we went there a day after Christmas aka Boxing Day (saved me from all the shopping!) so there weren't much left. Or perhaps because my mindset (not sure about Adam's) about Cologne was that I wanted to chill and indulge and be at the hotel and do nothing, which I successfully achieved. 


And off to Brussels!

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