Sunday, May 27, 2012

It's so sunny I'm gonna dieeee!

Nope. Not whining. No complaining. I'm good. Lovely weather. Yups!

But some things just slipped out of your tongue -__________-

The other day I was just saying how warm it is outside. Yes duduk dalam class tu berkuap dah haa. Kepam je sorang sorang haish. Then my groupmate asked, Is it really, Bella? But I thought the weather in Malaysia is like this right?

Err. Malaysia 30 degrees kot. This is only 20-ish degrees. How to explain ha? That you're getting used to the cold here? Alamaks.

Apparently all the kiddos aka kawan kawan sebangsa di sini had the same issue. The locals have been asking isn't our weather like this when they said how sunny and warm it is. Hot and sunny and berpeluh ketiak. (?)

What to tell them then? That we've forgotten our sunny old country back home? Aish. Melayu memang mudah lupa.

Meanwhile lama tak camwhore. Asyik letak capture screen Facetime je, tak pun screen shot iPhone, so here's a true real live picture from the sunny sunshine outside, just to prove that I'm still alive.

Ada nampak macam gambar zaman dolu dolu tak?
I dulu setadi obersi youu. Ha gitteww.


Adam said...

My exam so hard I'm gonna dieeee!! Hua3 ;(

Bella said...

Tu la, panggil orang ustazah sangat. Ha, kan dah. Okay tak. Nanti kite pulak kene -____- Itsokay. Youre not gonna die from tough exam questions. If you die, we die together (?)

Trust me, Im a (romantic) doctor. Eiyew. Okay panjang pulak dah reply bai.