Thursday, May 24, 2012

Little Adam.

So I've heard people saying that Ayah is so cute with his ninonino reply to my WhatsApp. But apparently it wasn't Ayah who replied, it was my youngest brother, Adam. (Yes don't give me that look they share the same name how cool is that) No wonder I smelled something fishy when I received the reply.

Apparently Little Adam (though I think he's not so little anymore) has successfully hijacked Ayah's phone. Every now and then he would WhatsApp me asking littlest bits of unimportant stuff, like the other day he sent me an Emoji of a firetruck on fire (?). I'm pretty sure it was done out of boredom since Little Adam is the only sibling who currently lives with the parents, in Miri. The rest of us are everywhere, literally. But you see, the problem with him is that, we never really get along well. Him, being the youngest in the family, is the most annoying thing on Earth while me, the not-so-sister-ish, is very malas to layan him. More often than not all we do is trying to annoy each other like mad. Call it bonding.

But he sure missed me an awful lot because he has been WhatsApp-ing these days.

Umi membebel aje? Kids these days..

There was one time when I went to Miri and we had an ultimate time of annoyance. He tried to steal my iPod whenever he could and I would try to physically and verbally pester him whenever we were near to each other.

Me: Do you know, you have no life here. No friends, no playtime, no nothing.
Little Adam: So what?
Me: What are you going to tell others about your childhood then? You've got no childhood meh!
Little Adam: So? Like I care.
Me: Dude, you don't even have childhood friends! No best friends!
Little Adam: My parent's are my childhood friends. And Ayah is always my best friend.

Hearing his answer, I felt so bad for saying all those. Perhaps it's true, that his childhood is kind of bersepah when he kept changing schools to be with Ayah and Umi, but it was so mean of me to say that. Because later I could see him pondering, as if trying to convince himself that what I said wasn't true.

Me: How old do you think I am?
Little Adam: 21, 22, perhaps.
Me: How old are you?
Little Adam: 9 years old.
Me: What is the age gap between us?
Little Adam: ..counting.. Around 12, 13 years old?
Me: With that age gap, do you think we can be friends?
Little Adam: ..looking down.. Ermmmm. I don't know..

I pity him for having such a mean sister. I'll be nicer when I get home this summer, I promise.


Adam said...

eeeeeeiiiiiiiiii x bek la bwt cmtu kt Adam :P

en.wonderwall said...

ok,now i miss our little adam T_T

Bella said...

Adam, youre next. RAWR.

Zahid, true true. By the time jumpa dia nanti mesti dah besar dah taknak cari pasal dah 'bajet kewl' dah. No longer our annoying Little Adam T_T