Thursday, May 3, 2012

An entry of non-importance.

Had my second 5km run for the week. I miss running. When I was in KL I used to run after coming home from work, at night, when no one was watching. Okay lie. There were people running at the park as well. Boo.

On  another note suddenly I feel like having sore throat. Like dry throat. First world problem - you're cold, switched on the heater, your throat feels dry, drink a lot of water, want to pee, toilet's downstairs and VERY COLD too. Viscious cycle.

Then I remember. Nadd called just now. I can't remember screaming on the phone out of excitement, but that's what we always do, so yeah, perhaps I did scream, hence the sore throat. I know we are not really two peas in a pod, but talking to her made me feel like, phew, it's so good to hear her voice again. Hold on, I sound gay. Maybe I should stop.

Oh, I discovered a new passion. Not quite new, but it's always repressed by the fact that I should be doing more Sciency stuff. Yes, art and language are my fortes, undeniably. They are what make me tick. Adam used to say "your cup of tea." I'd prefer to say they are my fortes. Cars are cooler than tea, after all.

So I have been making posters out of fun and boredom. I told Kak Hana, my housemate, that I just found another hobby of graphics and designing, and she replied - "Budak ni kaannnn. Anything that is not Medicine!" Haha I love that. Yes, anything to distract me from Medicine.

And I have been baking a lot lately. This is my third bake in a week. Two rainbow cakes and this time, a chocolate brownie. I've been keeping a slice of the rainbow cake for Nadd, maybe I'll give her some brownies as well. Nyums.

Just now Adam called. He's so sad that his society didn't win the Society of The Year and Event of The Year Award. Yes I'm talking about MSSNI and their grand Gala Night. It's okay Adam. There is always next time. Hold on, he also said that he's accidentally eaten some dessert  with alcohol, so he's feeling a bit  giddy. "Lelong" as he said it. Thank God he made it home though. It would be devastating and traumatising if he was run over by car while on the phone with me. Oh my, what am I talking about?

Talking about Adam, someone asked, why I always refer Adam as Adam, and not my boyfriend. In fact I tend to correct people when they refer him as "your boyfriend" to me. He's got a name, and it's Adam. Why? Because boyfriend sounds too playful. We are having a serious business here, can't you see? It's a matter of life and hereafter. But future husband might sound a bit too cheesy. So I'll stick to Adam. My Adam.

By the way, KN's mum was admitted to the hospital yesterday. I'm not sure if he'll like it that I'm saying it here, but please, dear beautiful people of the world reading this, make du'a for his mum. I know the family personally, and I feel so sorry for KN now that he's having his finals, while receiving the sad news. But they say diseases and pains are meant to clear your sins. Hopefully she'll get better inshaAllah.

I feel good tonight. The second 5km run, the Facebook posters, the call from Nadd, the call from Adam. It just feels good. I miss my mum though. I remember when I was in high school having some exams, no one told me that my Tok Ayah passed away. I found out myself when I called my sister asking where  was she, and she said they're in Kelantan, my mum's hometown - innocently. I demanded to speak to Umi while crying frantically - how could they not tell me? They left without me because I was having exam, not wanting me to be distracted. Despite being deeply emotionally disturbed, my exam results turned out excellent. I was the top student in my batch, and it was my first exam at my new school. I hope the same goes to KN. Well, maybe not the top, but to pass with good grades should be enough. We are all doing Medicine anyway, passing should be enough, even if it's borderline - that's what the MARA officer said the other day.

I'm sorry if this entry is full of non-importance, or if it feels too personal, or if it makes you think, why am I reading this? I just miss home. I miss not having to justify myself, to reveal my true self. And I can only do that when I'm with certain people. And Adam has been asking my exam schedule, so that he can come to Leicester after that. Then we can have food fest, the one that Farzan, Edy and Mau just wouldn't come for. Nevermind, I'll have Adam. We can eat like nobody's business.

We'll go to More Restaurant, Yoko Steak House, Mc Indian, Nando's (for the frozen yoghurt Adam is mad about), or perhaps take the train to Nottingham and go to Red Hot Buffet.

But first, I need to get over my exams. And study. And be more Sciency. And Medic-ish.

My own wall of fame. And growing. With Umi and Ayah leading the list.
Then there's Izleen, KN, Farzan, Mau, Edy, Nadd, Nabilah, Pija, Lynn and of course, a whole lot of Adam.

And Adam again. I love it when he's smiling showing his teeth, especially the dracula tooth.

What a long post. Too tired to study now. Good night.


nur intan syairah said...

hey beyyaaaa.. u never fail to write things nicely. promise me don't stop to write!

Bella said...

And promise me you'll keep reading! :D