Saturday, May 12, 2012

Kalau bercinta seribu tahun pun belum tentu kahwin. Ouch.

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This entry is published with permission, rest assured. 

Yes, she’s getting married. Soon. Very soon. Though I think mine was supposed to be sooner sobs. She’s only 21. Well technically she’s only 20 since her birthday is in August. But yeah, year-wise, she’s 21. 

My very own Izleen.

I couldn’t be happier for her. But as expected, despite me not on Facebook at the moment, I was still bombarded by questions on her marriage. The first time they announced and made invitation, Nadd text me that she was soooooo excited when she saw it. I was still at Med school. Well if I were at home I wouldn’t know it anyway. Still, I screamed out of joy and excitement. I know I know, so much for a best friend getting married, and me knowing it months before that. Perempuan kan suka exaggerate, walhal dah tau lama. So Bella -____-

Gambar tak sempat mintak permission untuk publish. 
So kalau 2-3 kali tengok blog ni and gambar ni dah takde maksudnya tak lulus la tu. 
Kikiki <-- How she laughs in real life.


1. Bella memang tau lah Izleen nak kawen all this while? 

YES. Hellllooowww, she’s my best friend kooottt? Haha I love their faces when they asked me this question. When Izleen came to Leicester, we shared the excitement, yet I didn’t say it to anyone. Better, I even told some people that I was sad that my best friend is getting married, for that leaves me alone without a sole right on her sobs. And the usual response would be, “Ala, Izleen kan ada. Jangan lah sedih.” Little did they know that it was Izleen who’s getting married! What made me even more proud of our friendship was when someone said “Hebat gila awak simpan rahsia kan Bella.” Oh my, she’s MY Izleen, of course I’ll keep anything for her! 

2. Macam mana dorang jumpa? Tak pernah tau pun? 

Of course people wouldn’t know. Unlike me COUGHS they are two very underground people. Which is a good thing, right? I mean, she’s not expressive in showing her love COUGHS. They never really met, really. It just happened to be. I would say jodoh? 

3. So dorang suka sama suka ke apa? 

A yes, again. They might not be public, but who needs to show the world when they have each other in their prayers? And people, to that extent they decided to get married at this point, who dares to say they don’t love each other? Apa punya soalan daa. Cops okay I know there's this thing we call arranged marriage. But no, I'm sorry to disappoint you guys, but it's not.

4. Tapi kan dorang dulu dengan… 

I know. But that was in the past. We make mistakes don’t we? To put in a nicer way, we learn. They might have their own past kept to themselves, but well, as the name suggests, the past is not doing any good in the future. What should remain would be the lessons learnt. And that’s what they’re doing. To put the past behind and move on. I’m sorry, you might just scratch that “they” for I only know Izleen by heart. What the future husband felt/went through, I have no idea. But point is, they DO move on. 

5. Agak agak ex dorang rasa apa ek?

Seriouslyyy, peopleee? The name itself is EX, what's the point of asking what or Y? Mana la depa nak tau apa perasaan ex depa ni mak hai. No, seriously speaking. They don't know. Again, I'll refer they as she. Because I only know Izleen. But yes, Izleen-wise, no, she has no idea what the ex is feeling or thinking. Honestly we two (as the ultimate bestest friendest wth) think that he won't feel anything. After all he (the ex) was the one who moved on first, wouldn't that suggest that he's so over it? Oh people give it a break. There's a reason why these people are called EX. An X means a NO for the future. Neither the present. Gedditt?

6. So what do you feel about it?

Lol dah macam history taking kaaannn. Hurm, to be honest, when I first found out, and that was last year, I cried myself out. Not too sure out of happiness or misery. I am too happy for her, but I was also disturbed by the fact that she’s no longer mine. Gosh I sound weird considering it’s a she. But really, she’s everything I have. When the world was against me, she was the one who stood up for me. When the person I thought I could rely most left me, she was there to assure that I could still stand strong on my own. When people was too interested poking their sticky fingers into my business, aka gossiping around predicting stuff spreading lies, she kept every word to herself. She knew every truth, yet she still didn’t say a word. How can I not be sad knowing later she’ll have her own life, her own man, and after that, her own kids and everything. But of course, life goes on. She might not be physically there for me. But as long as we keep each other in our prayers, inshaAllah this friendship will last to Jannah. 

7. Lepas tu Bella bila lagi? Tahun depan? 

Asal lambat sangat. Tahun ni la. *serious face*
(This was a real response from me when someone asked me this question lol)

All in all, I couldn’t be happier for her. Listening to her ramblings on the wedding preparation, when she made faces on what awaits her after this etc, I know this is the best for her. Just one thing, I know people are sooooo excited that this is the first wedding in our batch, and all they see are rainbows and butterflies. Truth is, there’s more than that. Wedding is just the start; the marriage itself is a huge thing. I’ve seen her laugh. I’ve seen her cry. I’ve seen her tears. I’ve seen her excitement. It wasn’t an easy decision to make. Not just the decision to get married, everything in fact. The decision on date, the decision on the wedding stuff, the decision on the future, the decision on everything. Kawan kawan, kahwin benda besar ye. 

For men, it’s a takeover of a whole new responsibility of someone’s daughter. And for women, it’s a new submission of themselves to their husbands, after Allah and Rasululllah. 


Ps. I wish to upload more of our pictures, especially the ones when she failed to act like a wife or made terrible faces that no one would consider to make her his wife (lol) but yeah, cakap lagi bakal isteri orang, so out of respect, I'll keep them to myself.

Pps. I was joking in the Ps.



Nurul Ain said...

Bella, nk nangis bc post ni...sobs

Bella said...

Kite nanges jugak la T_T

petite girl said...

congrats Izleen!

Adam said...

Bella bile lagi :P

Bella said...

Kan dah cakap tahun ni aish.