Monday, April 2, 2012

Dublin Day 1: The two best friends.

Yes, I'm in Dublin! After all those tears and sleepless nights, I'm finally out of England, in freaking Dublin! Flight was at 6.30am, meant that I had to leave the house by 3am. But in the end the first day was full of excitement and love! Yes, love, just what I need. Ahh.

We went to Hanami, The Japanese Festival since KN was doing some volunteering and performing there. And I met these people too!

Al, Rif, Salimah, and of course, Izleen

KN so semangat like Nippon oneee

Izleen Yayang

KN who decided to switch to become ice cream trader after long hours of Japanese dances

Now here comes the best part. FOOOOOOOD! We went to Warung Kita, a Malaysian Restaurant where you can simply call out, "Bang, air kosong satu!" Which I have never once experienced since Leicester is so England-ish like that.  HOMAI HOMAI, jakun.

Nasi lemak ayam berempah, still can't beat BRJ though. Waaa nak balikkk!

Sirap limau and teh O ais laici. Then KN added, "Kurang ais ye bang." Goodness, he still remembers. Even I forgot when was the last time I said that. NANGES.

Izleen and Farah, both with their nasik lemak.

KN's nasi ayam

My nasi goreng Orang Kita, with satay and keropok. NANGES lagi.

KN ordered two dishes for himself. One special of the day, Mi Hailam and Nasik Ayam. Next he ordered for me, the nasi goreng. Then that abang gave him a wondering look. Three dishes, is he sure?
"Oh haah, tiga. Kitorang share tiga dish."

Hoi kau yang nak makan dua dua aku yang naik nama. Pfft.

But of course, the most ridiculous part was this. When I saw Faizul and Shafrie coming into the restaurant.

We met before at Tinseltown Leicester with few others, now we met again here in Dublin. And Faizul? Gosh we are freaking classmates! Hari hari jumpa dalam class, aku baru nak start Easter break, belum apa apa jumpa kau lagi? Sighhhh.

It feels as if I really belong to Leicester. (pun intended)


Tiara Fazlin said...

woi datang dublin tak ckp! warung kita dekat je ngn umah aku!

Bella said...

alright warung kita second round kau belanja hoyeyeahh!