Friday, April 27, 2012


A lot of things have been going on recently. Back in Leicester. Restless. Left for London. Just came back. And a cold war with Adam (as usual).

He forgot the big day (supposedly on Thursday 26 April, but postponed to today, Friday 27 April), and then asked if I'm upset about it.

Duuudeeee, seriouslyyy?

But it's alright since he called when I was in London yesterday, asking if he did any wrong, simply because he could sense it. Well, I didn't wake him up for class, that for one thing (when I actually got too caught up with the coach and London tubes and everything, no hard feeling).

Now that I'm back in Leicester, we could finally really talk. Man how I miss talking to him like nobody's business. Sigh.

Thing about him is, he always feels that I always do cute stuff. Like everything I say, he'll respond by saying "Awak ni comel lah." When asked what the comel-ness is about, he can't explain it. Gahh. So much for being cute. For example, when I said I am left broke again after the London trip and can't afford to pay full May rent, I read this FB message to him on the phone.

And he went on with the comel thing again. Like seriouslyy??? I'm broke and you think I'm cuteee? But when asked if he could lend me some money he quickly changed the topic. Huh. Again. So much for the comelness huh?

We were on the phone not exactly knowing what we were talking about. He was cooking and I was too busy rummaging my Mac for emails and stuff.

He kept ooooh-haaa-ingg, while insisting that he could multi-task, cooking and being on the phone. And made weird sounds like, PLOOP! when he dropped tomatoes into his curry. Funny guy.

Bella: What are you cooking?
Adam: Same old boring thing. Curry. (his favourite lauk malas has always been curry)
Bella: Asyik kari je. Nanti housemates awak muntah kari.
Adam: Mana ada. Dorang kentut kari lah.
Bella: Ha, the other day I was thinking of commenting nak suap awak rainbow cake hari hari sampai kentut pun keluar rainbow, but it would be too tak senonoh I changed it to burp keluar rainbow.
Adam: Hish mana boleh cakap kat public. Adam ni kalau orang tengok muka tak kentut tau. Jatuh la standard.
Bella: Yea right, muka yang kalau kentut pun mesti bau wangi kan?

We then laughed.

Which I'm not pretty sure he will still say that I'm comel after reading this.

Adam, I miss you. Call me once you're back from movie (or if you want me to remove this post). 

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Adam said...

Ololololo comelnye post awak.. Hihihi ni la post blog paling comel Adam pnh bce.. Ahahaha i miss you too :(