Sunday, April 29, 2012

I was so stressed out that I made another rainbow cake.

Yes, that rainbowculously leceh rainbow cake. Again.

Adam, you're so gonna burp rainbow one day. And puke. And fart. And poop rainbow too. Or perhaps you'll sneeze rainbow who knows.


Leng Chai said...

uhahhahaa stress x dpt tolong aku ke?

Bella said...

Nanti aku nak gi Dublin lagi nak buat rainbow cake banyak banyak sampai lebam. Sambil tengok kau study chi squared test huh.

Anonymous said...

recipe please. i never thought u did it urself the other day.

omg, so cute kot.
recipe please. *cross hands*

Bella said...

omg anon who are youuu, reveal yourself pretty pleaseeee?
*cross fingers*


Anonymous said...

omgeee malu gila salah type. it's obviously cross finger la kan. takkan cross hands pulak +.+

Bella said...

Sekarang sudah curious siapakah.

*I didnt mean to be a grammar nazi though =_=

Anonymous said...

u donno me and i donno u either. i blogwalking and i found ur blog and i kinda like it.


Bella said...

And you keep coming back! Admit it you love my blog kan kan kaaannnn. LOL :D

Well hello Mr/Ms Anon, nice meeting you (:

nur intan syairah said...

awak.... kek rainbow awak tuh best. tapi yang lagi best, the effort that you put plus when u really don't have the fulus, u still wanna do because you wanna make a heart happy. but u r wrong, not only one heart, there are 4 hearts that are happy. oh manggg, u r blessed. dok umah leklok. bukak tingkap tu sikit, bilk huh xde ventilation sangat hehe

nur intan syairah said... you !! muah