Saturday, April 21, 2012

Eire Road Trip: Double shots of Belfast

Day 4: Belfast - Giant's Causeway

Finally in Belfast (again)! Dah masuk Belfast yang excited nak cerita nih. Adam and Lynn are both studying in Belfast, so it’s home for them. And you know what happened when half of the group was home. You got lazy, obviously. Despite having two very expert tourist guides in the house, Belfast was yet the most unproductive destination. BLEGH.

Woke up at 10am-ish to find Lynn cooking spaghetti for breakfast, then the boys came over. Idle chats and the amazing breakfast she prepared dragged us to almost 2pm. And that’s when the drama swasta began.

The plan was to go to Giant’s Causeway, but Adam had to pick up his passport at some office closing early, so he got panicked and annoying. And Bella being Bella, lagi nak sama annoying, and in the end we had a cold war merajuk tak tentu hala dalam kereta. In front of Farzan and Lynn. Gosh I would feel so bad if they become serik to travel with us again. Haish.

Thank goodness it didn’t last long. Giant’s Causeway was such a beautiful place, and Adam was being sweet (GAAAHHH) enough to pujuk balik and stuff. And later after climbing the never ending rocks, we went home to get some food (again). Yes, typical us. We come, we conquer, we capture, we go home find food.

Giant's Causeway, Belfast

The octagon-shaped rocks

Merajuk la konononononn

Farzan was so sad that his shoes weren't giant enough to beat the Giant's Shoe

The Organ. Maafkan muka tak senonoh yang duduk mencangkung itu.

Silhouette, photo credit to Farzan

The initial plan was to go to Carrick-a-Rede but we got there 5 minutes late, it was already closed. So apa lagi, Tesco shopping time! Adam was the masterchef that night, with Nasi Biryani and Ayam Masak Merah as the main menu, while Lynn baked us chocolate cake yang sangat sedaaappp!

Nasi biryani and ayam masak merah by Adam, salad by Farzan

Bella muka excited dapat makan, again, ketidak-senonohan berlaku

Endorsement letak sebijik kat plastik serbuk cili Baba's - PASSED

Lynn's moist chocolate cake - before

Now become lava cake - after

Day 5: Belfast to Dublin

Last day of the trip. We ought to return the car at 3pm in Dublin, so we made our way at about 11am-ish. Lynn stayed back in Belfast (of course, it her home) while the boys and I made our way to Dublin. We tried to lure Farzan into getting off the car right in front of Queen's University of Belfast, but he just wouldn't do it. To some extent I felt bad for Farzan, since it's his first time in Belfast, and the three of us were so chillax lepak la cakap kampung halaman kann. Yes even I was so tak heran, bajet balik Belfast macam balik kampung sendiri. But since Farzan seemed okay about it, so chillax gak ah.

Last gift from them, a camwhore gay-like picture

On the left is my iPod, while the right one is Farzan's. Sungguh takboleh blah.

Depan rumah Lynn. Bidding goodbye to her. Sedih kot. Honeymoon's over!

It was indeed a wonderful experience with this people. My very first road trip, and needless to mention, my very first time travelling with Farzan and Lynn, yet everything was picture perfect! Thank you peeps. Hopefully you guys can still bear with us next time! (if there's even next time huu)

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Adam said...

Yeay your last post about our beautiful trip.. Thanks my dear Bella.. It was like reading a story.. A beautiful story :)