Friday, April 6, 2012

Aungier Street.

 Yeah I lost count of my idle days in Dublin, hence the title.

But Aungier (pronounced Anjer gittew) Street is actually where Nabilah Aisyah's place is. Small and cozy, it reminds me of The Script's song For The First Time. Just perfect for a couple starting a new life, with a family of two. Awwhhhh. Okay gelabah.

Funny thing, her roommate is also Nabilah, which makes the three of us, three Nabilah's in the same room. AWKWARD. lol. But she cooked us mi udang which was amazingly delicious so I guess it's fine. And the next day we had Nadira from Cork and Lynn all the way from.... Leicester. Yeah. Semua orang buat muka bosan sekarang.

Lynn and Nadira, photo thanks to Nabilah

Mi udang for dinner, thanks to Nabilah (again)

We had Izleen and Shanaz for the night, but due to extreme hunger and coldness from waiting for the bus at 9pm, this single picture of the food is considered lucky to survive. Sorry peeps, takde gambar korang, which is so saaadd.

Quote of the day:
"I'm not sure if I really want to do Business, but I just had enough of Medicine."

Walaoweh. Ada geng. Sep sekali!

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