Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dublin Day 2: Three Classmates and A Roommate. And another best friend.

Second day. We randomly crashed my KMB roommate, Pija's place since she just moved into her new house. And I have to say. Her house is just awesomeeee! Gila cantik macam hotel everyone single room and the house looks so canggih so brand new gigit jari I youuu. Yelah mana taknya, they pay EUR370++ per month, kalau kat Leicester dah dapat hall fully furnished including bills, itupun lebih sobs. Sorry la I orang kampung je from Leicester mana reti duduk city of Dubling nihhh.

But first, she asked me what do I want to eat. And my reflex action immediately said, "Nasik Ayam!" So off we go, nasik ayam ingredients hunting!

We met at Jervis, me, KN and Mau (we are all classmates at KMB back then). And went to some Asian market to get some halal chicken for the nasik ayam and Izleen's house since what I do is habiskan beras and ayam rumah orang je kaaannn. Then we headed off to Tesco because Mau said he wanted some "leafy-green-veges" whatever that means. And here are some real snapshots of him doing groceries shopping.

First, he grabbed a bakul and a Tesco's catalog, which I found very cute. HAHAHAHA really, who take the catalog other than the mothers and grannies? HAHAHA macam mak mak! Though that's what KN said, kita pergi rumah Pija main masak masak yay! And guess what, he also bought the senduk, and almost bought a baking pan which made me wanted to laugh sebab guys baking? And MAUUU? HAHAHAHAH tho thweeettttt.

Left, Mau paying and stuffing his groceries into the bag. 
Right, nasik ayam on the wayyy! And of course, some craps and junks, like Walkers and Mau's exotic food like salmon. Also KN's three bottles of shampoo. Lelaki, bila pergi Boots. Nyehhh.

Then we went to an Asian market in search of kerang, which we did manage to find, walaoweh! Nak nanges tengok kerang kat situ, and some alive crabs as well! Maka Bella pun buat muke kesian "Mauuuu, ada ketaammmmm." And he immediately went like, "Ah sudah, aku tak reti masak ketam." HAHAHAHAAHAHAH gedik gila suruh orang masakkan je tauu.

And also, Mau was super duper extremely excited to find his "leafy-green-veges" Pak Choi at the market! KN on the other hand was so bising tak jumpa kangkung. Weh kangkung orang tanam tepi longkang je lahh.

Catch of the day from Tesco, Asian Market, Boots

Mau happily posing for his pak choi with Azan jemur kain at the back lol. And note the Barbican there! Ahhhh rinduuuuu. NANGES.

Pija acting dramatically "Aku lah masak nasik ayam ni haaaa."

KN said, "Pija, kalau agak agak kau dah bosan dengan Mau cari aku eh, aku nak kawen dengan kau. Nanti kau masak aku boleh main DoTA." Cis tak guna punya lelaki.

Ayam perap in the making

People, meet Pija. The girl who can definitely cook and wear extraordinaru layers of clothes and half of the slippers.

Finally, the outcome was..

Our very own nasik ayaamm! With pak choi siaapppp!

Pija: Kau tau, dulu cani camtu bla bla.. (reminiscing good memories at KMB)
Bella: Aah, aku rasa kan, time tu bla bla (gebang lagi).. *paused* KN, kau rasa cane?
KN: Aku tak rasa pape, aku lapar, nak makan, apa yang korang tengah cakap pun aku tak tau.

Dasar lelaki.

Again, highlight of the day, look who I met in the city of Dubling!
Yana, all the way from Newcastle, UK!

One city, two days, and three bestfriends. My life is now complete.


Tiara Fazlin said...

awwwwhh the good old days..teringat kmb dowh

Aalia Shahira said...

leincester ngn dublin mana best??

Bella said...

Leicester is home. Dublin pulak ramai kawan, so it feels nice to be surrounded by these people and feel at "home" (: