Monday, April 23, 2012

A Gift of Love.

I can never forget the night when he went outside at a gas station to check if the other friend was filling in the air into the tyres correctly.

It struck me, how completely capable he is. He drove the turns and bends while everyone was asleep without much questions. He took charge of the directions when GPS seemed of no help. He could find the tiniest space to park the car and parked it almost flawlessly.

I want to be responsible for you.

A part of me was blooming with hope and bliss, while another small part was raging with pride, you don’t think I can’t take care of myself, do you?

Often I ponder to myself, what is it about him that makes me go through all odds not to walk away despite the differences we have. He could be overprotective and possessive, and that drives me crazy more than anything else.

But he takes care of me like no one ever does.

Little did I realise that it was the responsibility that he’s been talking about.

I left for England last year in September. When I first got here, he was already the president of Malaysian Students Society of Northern Ireland (MSSNI). Then I realised that I never really had the chance to have him as a normal.

Back in Kolej MARA Banting, he was the Academic Bureau of Students Council. And the CEO of GEM. And some other stuff. After IB when we visited the college occasionally, he was still regarded as someone by the teachers.

Me, on the other hand, was much on the couldn’t-be-bothered side. I’d prefer to remain unknown.

There was one time when I even asked him if he could be normal.

It just didn’t work. Recently he was elected as the President again, this time for Queen’s Malay Club (QMC).

Deep down, I was not quite sure if that was what I really wanted from him. Having such a huge responsibility as a President means that his society is in the priority list. I’ve been through it once, while he was the President of MSSNI. Not funny.

Then I remember when he asked me if he should run for QMC. My answer was simple, if it makes you happy.

It does. So there he is, as the new President of QMC for the next academic year, standing (literally) tall and proud of his newly acquired responsibility.

And here I am, in my own room, sitting to myself, smiling silently as I think of how blessed I am, to have such a man with such a great capability in being responsible. And for having someone who’s willing to take the greatest responsibility of having a woman in his life. Me.

Congratulations on your newly finished essays done in one day before deadline, when you were given weeks to do it. You shall now start focusing on your studies before another responsibility kicks in. 
And oh, please dont be normal. We never really are, anyway.

Ps. I am really proud of you.

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"Abnormal" guy said...

"I want to be responsible for you." I must've really loved you. And I love you now and will love you forever <3<3<3
Hehe thanks for the gift baby.. Really loike YOUR love gift..