Friday, April 20, 2012

Eire Road Trip: Wind of Galway

Day 3: Galway - Kylemore Abbey, Cliff of Moher

Later on the second night of the trip, we left for Galway. Thank goodness it was a straight highway so Farzan did the driving while Adam tido dengan bahagianya at the backseat. Well actually Farzan did half of the driving to Cork as well. Haruslah mention nanti co-pilot merajuk ye dak? Reached Galway at about 1am, greeted by DJ with her wide smile and sleepy eyes (really?) Haha the boys headed over to Zubair’s while we slept like logs and woke up the next day at 10am-ish, when the boys already made their ways to DJ’s. Oh did I mention DJ had to leave for Dublin Airport on the next morning at 5am? No pictures so saddd. I thought we were crashing at inappropriate time. Uh-uh, sorry DJ. But it was soooo goooood to see her again after almost 2 years, the last time I saw her was during IB graduation! *hugs*

So that day we tried to find University of Galway landmark, which turned out to be unsuccessful. Nampak uni tepi jalan je sobs. Then we made our way to Kylemore Abbey, a castle by the lake. Yes, lake again. Or seas? Entah. I lost count. But along the way we stopped by a beach. The weather was so sunny and seemed perfect for subathing, but man, we were deceived. It was so cold! Regardless, the view was worth it. And me, being a huge fan of beaches, walaoweh. NANGES.

Duduk belakang tido, duduk depan makan. You pick.

Haruslah ada pose Korea, kan Adam?

Credit to Farzan

Then we made our way to Kylemore Abbey. Zay reminded us (or Farzan, I think?) to study the history of Kylemore Abbey first. It has something to do with lovers romantic love stories bla bla. But us being us, what we did was identified the name of the place, put it into GPS, went there, took pictures, and if the weather was good, lompat lompat sikit, and balik. Histories are like, soo yesterdaaay? HAHA!

Farzan: Zay cakap kena tau history Kylemore Abbey.
Bella: Oh yeke. Pasal apa?
Farzan: Some romantic love story camtu ar.
Bella: Okayy. So kalau kita tau history dia, lepas tu?
Farzan: Boleh korang bercinta romantic sikit kat sini.
Bella: We don't need some secluded castle by the lake to be in love, really.

Adoyai. Farzan Farzan.

Nak sangat bercinta tepi tasik kann

Adam insisted to be the flower boy as background

 Close up pictures always credit to Farzan

I decided that I’ve had too much of sightseeing with not enough food, so I became all cranky and annoying. Adam was smart enough not to argue back and drove to find some place to eat. So finally we had our fish and chip at some fast food restaurant with some free Wifi so everyone was happy again weee! Mind you, it was me and Lynn's first meal of the day, at 4pm-ish. So lapar meehhh.

No pictures of me being cranky, but this is too cute not to be posted

Fish and chip all the way!

Happy tummies, checked. So we headed to Cliff of Moher. It was so cold like gila nak mati and the sun was blocked by the clouds, hence no sunset for that day. SAD. But still, we managed for some pictures despite the frostbites (over kau nyaahhh) and numbness. Siap sempat solat jamak Zuhur-Asar and Maghrib-Isyak kat situ lagi walaowehh. Okay kantoi Asar lambat.

The hiding sun

I honestly don't know what Adam is trying to prove by sitting like that. Nak kawen ka?

After that, off to Belfast. Balik kampung yay!


Adam said...

Haah.. X sbr nk kawen dh!! Ahaha thanks again bella:)

Anonymous said...

tak sabar jugak. hehe :D