Monday, August 1, 2011

Review #4 Movie: Sekali Lagi. (Malay)

When you have nothing to write about, write reviews.

In other words, don't let the world know how boring your life is. Which is what I'm doing.

Following good reviews and pedophile-ish remarks on Mia Sara by my best friend, KN, I've decided to give Sekali Lagi a shot. Yes, a Malay movie, which in a way means putting my expectation at high stake. Exaggerate much, no? Well I always get skeptical when it comes to Malay movies. Take KL Gangster for example. It's good for those who enjoy the sound effects of physical fights, and those who are good at remembering lines as well, but for me who's always looking for the 'so?' part, well, I just don't get KL Gangster. At least not for me.

Sekali Lagi revolves around an autistic guy, Arman who were once normal. Married to Sheila at a very young age, he was diagnosed with tumor, which if removed, will cost him his normal life. He then decided to leave Sheila when he found this out, because he didn't want to burden her with his 'abnormalities'. What he didn't know was that she was pregnant when he divorced her, which explained where Amy came from.

Things get complicated when Arman met Sheila again, this time, with him being autistic and couldn't recognize her at all. This is when Sheila found out what exactly happened between them, especially those related to Amy. Should she tell Amy that Arman is actually her father when all this time Amy has always seen Arman as her friend? And can she take back all the pain Arman made her go through before that?

Typical situations, you hide things from people because you don't want them to be worried or suffer once they found out. Hello, what's wrong with communicating it out? I just don't get it. The same goes to Stanza Cinta,a Malay drama on TV3 which I just watched last night, and it happened to be the episode where Aaron Aziz  was keeping his sickness from his families so that they won't be worried.

I thought we are all living in a modern world where communication plays a huge part in our life, no? Imagine, what if someone dies all of a sudden, and the family only finds out after being told by the doctor, that the person has been sick all this while. Dramatic. Checked. Practicality? Hell no.

Okay back to Sekali Lagi, overall, Mia Sara plays a really important part in making sure the movie won't go flat or lifeless with her never-ending adorableness and charm. Shaheizy Sam, too. Him playing autistic? Too well. I think I'm falling for that. But Lisa Surihani? Not so much of her fan, and somehow there's always a part in me that thinks she's trying too hard for emotional scenes, which in the end, turned out a failure. Too superficial, I guess. Well she's pretty, yes. Very pretty indeed. But that's it.

Personally, if I don't over-analyze the situations, like how did Sheila manage to raise Amy after Arman left her, what happened to them etc, the movie should be fine. An out of ordinary for a Malay movie. I still enjoy it despite having doubts here and there.

No, ignore my words. Do watch Sekali Lagi. At least once, if not once again.

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