Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Of Jalan TAR, Seoul Garden, and 22 months of togetherness.

Yesterday marks our 22nd anniversary. Anniversary? Blergh. Yes we count every single day passed as a blessing, but to call the monthly date anniversary? That would be mengada-ngada much. Nevertheless, we had a splendid time together! (SPLENDID as he loves to say it)

The day started at Jalan TAR.

1100; The weather was just nice. Cloudy, and not too hot.
B: Okay target by 4pm  kita kena keluar dari sini.
A: Tak boleh la sayang, kalau keluar pukul 4, around 5 sampai Damansara, orang dah balik kerja. By 3 la keluar.
B: Alright by 3 then!

1210; The sun was showing its power. Damn it was hot!
B: I can't find anything nice. Dah habis jalan dah. So sad :(
A: You want to go another round? We can always pusing balik and jalan sekali lagi, mana tau kalau ada yang missed tadi.

1300; Giving up.
B: Okay taknak dah. Nak balik nak balik. I'm very thirsty. Huu penat.
A: Haha sape yang semangat cakap by 4 nak keluar tadi?

Ohoi seriously mana nak cari lelaki yang sanggup berpanas terik pusing 2,3 kali Jalan TAR tolong kite cari baju raya? Kalau perempuan, mungkinlah. Cekal. Bab3 shopping ni memang gigih. Lelaki.. Ahem. Tak tau lah pulak.

So we left Jalan TAR about 1 something, heading to One Utama, Damansara. Why One Utama? Because of THIS.

Disaster at Seoul Garden, One Utama, Damansara

The picture before disaster wasn't taken since both of us were too busy mengangkut makanan banyak3 and cooking them. Well, Adam did most of the cooking though, and he liked it. So Bella tadah pinggan je lah.

 The extremely kenyang look that we couldn't risk our tummy for more food. Seriously.

We spent more than two hours at Seoul Garden, cooking, grilling, refilling, etc. Yes, we really made full use of the opening hours. Came in at 7.40pm after Maghrib, left at about 10pm. Imagine. And they gave us an isolated open air spot at the restaurant some more. Lagi lah banyak kitorang makan and main masak3. Total damage, too much to the extent I think I need to go on diet on top of fasting.

A bit of a review, (suka sangat review apakah) 
Seoul Garden is a very nice place to have a breaking fast feast. Yes, FEAST because it's an All-You-Can-Eat buffet. If you just want to berbuka modestly, then avoid Seoul Garden. Rugi. Also if you have plenty of time to spare for berbuka. With that, I mean, solat Maghrib dulu, baru makan, then you won't find yourself in rush. And, do make early reservation because the place can be extremely packed especially during berbuka hours. Value-wise, if you're a big eater, then it worth. For me, I enjoy the cooking part the most, especially with Adam. Siapa lagi nak masak3 untuk kite lepas tu tolong tiup bagi sejuk and straight suap dalam mulut tak payah mintak? :') Service-wise, fantastic. The staff are very helpful, but sometimes they can't understand English, so miscommunications happen. But they are always very eager to assist. Steamboat soup is refillable, which is awesome because we had tom yam, and it was gila sedap okay (a bit masin, but nevermind). One thing, if you come in group, you might feel the place a bit stuffy because eventhough the seating is meant for 4, I found the grilling place and steamboat a bit small. You sure will berebut to cook etc. But cooking time? No worries, even if you're a noob at cooking and masak lambat, there are always other ready-cooked dishes to indulge in. That includes appetizers and desserts. Heaven.

Note: Pictures thanks to iPod. So tak lawa.

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