Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Recipe#1 The Lazy Lasagna.

The Lazy Lasagna

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Material : Soft lasagna sheet with a hint of beefy texture
Size : Medium (serves 4)
Measurement : Approximately 15cm x 15cm

Name:Pakcik Kordi
Date:9/8/2011 10:33:11 PM
Review:Sedap gila. Tak muak so boleh makan banyak banyak.

Date:9/8/2011 7:45:24 PM
Review:Addicted to it. AWESOME!


Red sauce
350g (a packet) of minced beef burger meat
1 can of tomato puree (I used Prego)
1 red onion (finely chopped)
2 garlic (finely chopped)
Olive oil for cooking (minyak kelapa sawit pun boleh, cakap asal Banting!)
Salt and pepper

Panaskan minyak. Tumis bawang putih and bawang merah sampai brownish. Masukkan tomato puree and daging kisar. Salt and pepper for taste. Tunggu agak3 masak, tapi jangan sampai kering. Set aside. Done!

White sauce
A can of Campbell's mushroom soup
Hot water

Masukkan satu tin mushroom soup dengan half a tin of hot water. Kacau sekacau-kacaunya. Voila!

Mashed potato topping
2 potatoes (boiled and mashed)
Fresh milk
Salt and pepper

Mash everything in a bowl (sambil dengar lagu Everyday I'm Shuffling). Tadaaa!

8 medium sized lasagna sheets (boiled until soft)

In a microwaveable bowl, pour in a layer of white sauce, followed by lasagna sheets and red sauce and lasagna sheet again. Ulang sampai habis. Lastly on top of the sauce (red or white, doesn't matter), spread a layer of mashed potato. Tebal sikit pun takpe, lagi yummy. Bake for about 20 minutes at 200 deg C.
Ready to be engulfed!

Tips: Masak lasagna sheet satu3, or else they will stick to each other. I'm a noob in cooking, so that's what I did to make sure the sheets won't stick. Play safe dude!

Abaikan bekas3 potong dengan sudu tu sebab makan 3 orang so semua pun redah pakai sudu je.

No, seriously. I don't go recipes by the book. Mana3 tak cukup, campak je apa yang ada. Like you can see obviously takde cheese walhal lasagna is supposed to be cheesy (lol). Why? Because I didn't have cheese in the fridge. And daging burger je, kalau nak skema satu3 would be daging kisar (minced beef). White sauce, sepatutnya guna susu, cheese apa lagi entah. I was too malas to be bothered, I just dumped the whole can of mushroom soup. The results? Sangat sedap. Seriously. The picture above doesn't do any justice to the taste. Boleh menangis sebab tak expect jadi sedap macam tu despite lacking of ingredients here and there. Dah la masak masa puasa, takboleh bajet garam perasa segala.

Moral of the story: Semua orang pun boleh masak. Tinggal nak taknak je. (which Bella usually taknak heee) 

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