Monday, August 8, 2011

Review #5 Movie: Fireproof.

I'm running out of things to write, like seriously. Not that nothing has been going on in my life, it's just that I don't know how to put them in words. Well, I have my MARA agreement settled, my visa appointment done, so that's something, right? But I guess many have put them in blogs, the tips etc, and I'm not gonna bore you with the same thing like, BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL when filling your visa form, SIAPKAN CEPAT3 sebelum results A-level keluar, how to kill the setem for MARA agreement yadda yadda anymore. So instead, here goes..

A review.

Yes, another movie review. Nak baca, keep scrolling down. Kalau taknak, still, scroll down to the most bottom part and you'll find lists of blogs with more interesting updates (hopefully).

"Fireproof doesn't mean that a fire will never come, but that when it comes you'll be able to withstand it."
So this time the movie is titled Fireproof. Just in case you wonder if it has anything to do with fire, like literally fire, yes, the main character is a fireman. But in short, it's about protecting your marriage. Standing up for it.
"Never leave your partner behind."
The movie is about Caleb, a fireman who has been married to Catherine for seven years with no kids. As usual, time creates comfort, which can turn into distance, if it is not treasured. So this couple found themselves in lots of arguments and fights and anger, which in my honest opinion, are due to lack of understanding.

I love this one particular scene when the movie shows how Caleb and Catherine both see the situation so differently. The beauty of two different perspectives, and it's so true! Point is, communication is very very important. And if you don't communicate, it's very easy to see each other's faults and play the blame game.

While Catherine is busy looking for some fresh sparks in life by flirting with another guy, Caleb decides that he needs to save the marriage. With The Love Dare Book given by his father, he started to make changes in their relationship, beginning with his attitude. The challenge should last for 40 days, with a new positive change each day. While it's not easy to change himself, the fact that Catherine is too stubborn to accept things makes it worse.

But what happened after 40 days? You have to watch it to find out. For a person who loves to see things from different angles (and too often over-analyze them), this movie is definitely for me. Especially when it comes to Mars-Venus thingy. It's amazing how different can a man and woman be in term of viewing things, even after spending years together. Things such as The Love Dare Book might not exists these days, and a man as persistent as Caleb may not be easy to find, but in real life, it takes two to build a relationship, but to maintain it, well, that's a lot of effort.

Sometimes we get too comfortable with our partner, that we decide to seek some sparks in life. Little did we realize that the sparks aren't there magically, they need to be worked on. Precious things don't come cheap, no?

Highly recommended. Please please, do watch Fireproof. Even if you're not into relationship-marriage thingy, somehow it's a perfect example of how human behave in times of hardships. How poor communication can destroy what we've built for years in split seconds. Most importantly, how different can we, man and woman be.

And this particular scene says it all.

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