Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sleeping machine.

I'm a planner. Not so much of an executor. I take more time to plan than to make it happen. And that is why I love to be random. Because for sure things will happen. Think less, do more.

But when you're going abroad and you have tonnes of things to do especially regarding your university and sponsorship thingy, being random is the last thing you need. Things get even more menggelabah when you have your loved one here to spend the time with, and you automatically become mengada-ngada wanting to cling with him, do things with him, and better, the same goes to him.

Unfortunately, he doesn't have all his time for you, he has his own things to do. And there goes, you need plans. When to do this, when to do that. Ramadhan is here, we honestly feel that seeing each other too often isn't a good idea. So, how?

Worse, I just got back from my uncle's place in Bangi, after helping him to clear his newly-bought land. Yes, I became a peneroka for a day. Penat? MashaAllah. I fell asleep there, at the site itself, came home to eat  and had another 3 hours of sleep. Straight. Last night, I slept as early as 10 PM, and still sleepy.

Think I've become a sleeping machine. (I was an eating machine, no kidding)

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