Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Fwom Tewengganu wif overfwowing wuv.

Haven't written much, lately. Despite having extremely hectic magical days full of wonders with loved ones, I still can't find anything to write about. Or perhaps I'm too occupied by them that I couldn't spare the time with my precious white Pavi.

So here goes, since last week.

Monday, 11/07/2011;
Adam made a homecoming surprise at PV8. With a bouquet of roses. Nangis T_T

Tuesday, 12/07/2011;
Me and Adam went to KMB, a surprise visit for the teachers.

Thursday, 14/07/2011;
Awesome short outing/gathering with Ezzad, KN, Shahir, Wani, and her collegemate, Puteri. Nabilah Aisyah was there too!

Friday, 15/07/2011;
Had fun idling around with Nabilah at PV8. Waking up late, gossiping, and such. Just be home. During the night, Pja, Haifa and Bedah came. Pre-departure, anyone? ;)

Saturday, 16/07/2011;
Off to Terengganu with Adam for Ms Naz's wedding. I left the the house early morning, the girls haven't even woke up! Bad hostess I am :(

Sunday, Monday, 17-18/07/2011;
Cruising East Coast with Adam. Finally back home at PV8 in the evening.

Tuesday, 19/07/2011;
Nabilah insisted on a day out. Johny's Steamboat at Times Square weehoo!

Wednesday, 20/07/2011;
Supposedly our Harry Potter date, but since Ayah is coming home, we are having Arabian food for dinner instead yeay!

Thursday, 21/07/2011;
Date with all time Bestest Freaking Friend Forever, Yana at KLCC!

So that's about it. The funniest thing was when me and Adam were in the East Coast, Terengganu and Kelantan, that is, while Nabilah, Pija and Nadzrul were all in KL! What an irony.

The bride - now you tell me how not to love her.

Flowery Adam.

The awesomeness of us!

Now compare this..
With this. Cacat much.

Nevertheless.. :')

She's veeewyy pweetyy :')

Again :')

Seafood dinner at Dataran Syahbandar, Kuala Terengganu.

Uptown KT, rather than Danau Kota ;)

Adam and Iwene :)

I just can't get enough of these people :)

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