Saturday, July 9, 2011

My 2.0 Cents.

I'm no big fan of politics. Neither do I have much knowledge in them. But I've been reading here and there on this BERSIH 2.0 thingy, I won't say I'm a full fan die hard supporter. But frankly.. I've been wondering, why does it happen in the first place? If there's no such need, then there won't be such rage. Kalau takde angin takkan pokok bergoyang, no?

Despite not having an in depth understanding of what's going on, I do care. I care about the roadblocks, how some of us have to cancel their plans and all. I care about the safety, how extremists may just create chaos and casualties might happen in split seconds. But most of all, I care about the unheard voices.

Kalau lah betul semua orang puas hati kat negara ni, kenapa mesti ada such thing as perhimpunan segala? There must be something wrong somewhere. Something that I'm sorry, me myself don't have much knowledge in.

Still, I'm worried on what might happen. The extremists, the ones who follow the lead blindly, not knowing what's the purpose. Mungkin boleh declare darurat anytime je? Tapi kalau tak buat benda macam ni, then sampai bila?

I'm a fully government sponsored student, and for that, I thank whoever created such policy on the sponsorship scholarship whatnot. But I must admit, there are things that evoke my curiosity when it comes to politics. Some of them are good, most of them are fishy, if not bad. The same goes to the opposition. Ada yang buat saya rasa macam sangatlah APAKAH? But that's how politics are played here, no?

Yes I'm already 21. But no, I still haven't decided which side I'm in. There are pros and cons, and I believe I need to do some research and knowledge and whatever there is, before concluding. Following the leaders blindly isn't a solution, there's a dire need in understanding what their cause is all about.

You may say I don't have a stand. But tidak memihak kepada sesiapa secara membuta tuli selagi masih tidak berpengetahuan, isn't that a stand?

To those who are fighting over justice,  the right to speak, or whatever there is, I pray that you'll find what you're looking for. To those who are contented and feel that we already have everything we need in this beautiful country of ours, let those who are not speak out. If it is proven that these people are just trying to create a scene and have a hidden propaganda, well, there must be reasons why our PDRM are all over the place, right?

..apabila kita menyokong beberapa idea kerajaan bukan bererti kita musuh pembangkang..apabila kita menyokong beberapa idea pembangkang bukan bererti kita musuh kerajaan..apabila kita mengkritik kerajaan bukan bererti kita bersetuju dengan pembangkang..demikian, apabila kita mengkritik pembangkang bukan bererti kita bersetuju dengan kerajaan..itu adalah hak rakyat yang merdeka untuk menilai sendiri setiap yang terjadi.. - DrMAZA


Anonymous said...

well said bella. especially the part bila ko ckp psl pendirian tuh. sgt ler betul. for once, aku rasa semua orang patut belajar TOK. haha aku ngarut.

stalker ko dan jugak jiran ko.err

Leng Chai said...

wowee... bella nak maen politik dowh...
pe lagi pasni jd r cam yingluck ^^

Anonymous said...

I think most of us (myself included) don't really care about politics as long as it doesn't hurt us (which is good coz it keeps the peace, but also bad coz it makes us oblivious to the shitty things that's going on).

Okay, no comment.

Bella. said...

anon; jiran kmb. kah? :)

mau3; pompang kat blog sendiri boleh lah ;)

firman; couldnt agree more. but sooner or later we still have to admit the shits that's been going on :(

Leng Chai said...

sooner or later we will smell the shit ^^

Bella. said...

or worse, be involved in the same shits.