Saturday, January 29, 2011

Will UK be as good as what I am having here?

The other day I went back to KMB. Not sure why, but I love coming back to KMB. The stares were disturbing, as if wondering, "What is this girl doing here?", and sometimes the teachers just blurted this out "What brings you here Bella?". I would be more than happy to answer that I am still here in Malaysia, continuing my bits of life, with my friends abroad.

But being teachers, they always gave me a funny look when I said "It's good to be here". It's like "Dulu nak keluar sangat KMB, sekarang hah, rindu lah sangat". HAHAHAH really. It's soooo goooood to be back at KMB, looking at all those familiar faces -- the teachers. Sometimes I wonder what is it about KMB that I love soooo much. Then it came to me, I was never away from family since I was a kid. I studied in boarding school for five years, but my parents would come and visit every weekend, and we had maids back then, so my maids did all the laundry, ironing, cooking, everything. The only chores I had to do myself would be washing and ironing my school uniform since it's on a daily basis use.

Then suddenly at the age of 18, I was thrown into a super rural area of Bukit Changgang, where all the best palm oils can be found. I still remember on our way, I resented, because it's so rural I couldn't understand why there should be an IB World School in the midst of those palm oil trees. I slept the whole journey because I thought the scenery was so frustrating, not to mention the smell. Then there was the Dewan Selera full of lalats which was seasonal, and the lalats were so smart enough to come during the first registration day of Year One. It also rained heavily in the morning, while we were busy loading stuff from car boots to the hostel. And I finally broke down when I saw the hostel room - Damn it was so effing small! I couldn't take this, I wasn't even sure I would last a year there.

I was wrong. I keep coming back to KMB. To see those padang I miss, to see the pavilion where I used to lepak watching the games, to the mini outdoor gym (lah sangat) where I used to spend my evenings with Nabilah staring at the sky after having our dinner, to the KFC where I used to order Mee Kungfu with cili potong from the abang3s, to the bilik dobi picking up the fresh warm smell of just-done laundry, to the koop  where we used to buy ice-creams before usrah and eat them under the hot scorching sun even it was under the wakaf shade, to the DS where all the makciks know that I want thigh for my chicken, to the LRC where I spent my nights before IB exam with my IRP group mate doing maths and gossiping, to the staff room where I  would menggediks with the teachers, to the lab where my group would always marah me for not being precise  with the measurements, to the hostel room which was so small but the katil can fit all four of us (Nabilah, Echuq, Pija and me) when we were guling3-ing, to the buai and benches at Laman Blok E where we would lepak for breaking our fast, to the Bilik TV where those people were eager to watch Adamaya or Nur Kasih, to the Lorong Midaq where me and Adam would stroll slowly carrying our bakul dobi while eating ice creams and counting stars that were not even there, to the mosque where Farzan would give us reminders on our ukhwah after every Solat Hajat before IB exam, every place seems to have its significance.

I was never away from the family, until I started college and separated by 6 hours drive from home. If that wasn't horrible enough, shortly after starting my college years, my family moved abroad, leaving me with 3-hour flight distance, and no phone connection. Our only mean of communication would be email, and that was my very first time away from family. During school holidays, I would merempat at some of relatives' places, which sometimes was slightly more fun than staying at KMB. But KMB is the place I called home. I remember after 2-week Raya Break in Semester 3, I came back to KMB early while everyone else was still busy celebrating Raya. Our family had Raya abroad, and once I came back, I headed straight back to KMB from KLIA. That's how 'HOME' KMB was to me.

To be fair, KMB was not all butterflies and rainbows and roses. I flunked my Maths, got the lowest mark for Chemistry, nearly slipped for English, had 4 for Malay because terpesong, not understanding a single thing of Business and Management, confused between the chambers of the heart in Biology, all that happened at KMB.

And I wasn't exactly the all-As student. I was very much an average one. I copied lab reports, didn't do my homework, skipped class with the lamest excuse - period pain, skipped assemblies and ceramahs, fly outing using fake passes of different colors, everything I could.

And I had my worst imagination of how mean people could be came true. Gossips, backstabs, hypocrites, all right before my eyes.

But that wasn't fair compared to the nice people I met.

Izleen who actually taught me things when she thought she was learning from me.

KN who I thought REALLY my twin brother if not because of the different fathers' name.

Nabilah, Echuq, Pija who taught me that I need not have bitches to have my girlfriends complete.

Ridhu who taught me to care about those who care about me.

Zayana who taught me that humans can be very forgiving, and accepts me back even when I made mistakes.

Ciah who taught to come back to the right path whenever I was tersasar.

Shahir, Mau, Ejat, Nadzrul, Naqi, Miji and all their crews who taught me the true meaning of brotherhood.

The Fishes, who taught me that different heads with different backgrounds can still be one.

Teacher Ima, who taught me a huge lesson on keeping faith and strong will.

Miss Oja, who taught me to be compromising in a relationship.

Miss Yati, who taught me all the ideologies of TOK in real life.

Miss Naz, who taught me to continue what you started. No one knows the ending yet, but just continue.

And there's this one name that I would really want to mention, but I just can't. She still means something, although I bet she doesn't know..

There are more, but the list will get too long and it gets boring. I bet those people already know how close they are to my heart.

The biggest nightmare

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The full moon, as seen from Midaq

But best of all, I met My Adam - which truly explains everything why KMB. (Well, if not everything, perhaps most of it)

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