Wednesday, January 12, 2011

If the heart were your Facebook, what would the status be?

It was a rainy evening and we were at the café – KFC to be exact (come to think of it how can a small café like that be a Food Court ? But never mind, they still had the best Mee Kung Fu ever). Since it was raining, some of us were lazing around waiting for the food to be served/tapau balik. There were a bunch of girls behind me who seemed in a rush.

Miss X : Weh cepat3, dah nak start!

Miss Y : Lek ah. Tengok sini pun boleh pe?
Miss Z : Tamo ah. Tak feel. Hujan, basah. Bilik TV jum!

When I went back to Blok E, passing through the Bilik TV, I saw those girls inside. Buat3 sibuk sikit, I went in to see what was it they were watching – the room was so packed!

Oh, Adamaya last episode -.-“

On some other days, I heard someone shouting from the other wing of the block.
“Weh aku dah dapat download latest Episode XX!”
“Aaaaa nak copyyyyy!”
“Bawak external kau datang bilik aku jom!”

Oh, Vampire Diaries Season 1 latest episode -.-“

In the class, M08A, the boys were sitting in a circle.

Mr. A   : Pergh game semalam macam ***. Memang *** lah. Cuak dow.
Mr. K   : Tau takpe. Aku kena pawn banyak kali kot. *** gile.
Mr. M  : Aku nampak gak. Kesian gile kau. Tapi [insert-name-here] cam noob habis ah.

Oh, DotA tournament last night -.-“

Sound familiar, no?

To be really honest, I envy these people. They have something they are passionate about. I watch Vampire Diaries too, but up til now I only have til Season 2 Episode 11. Itu pun amek dgn orang. Kalau orang tak bagi, harapan lah nak download sendiri. No, I never watched Adamaya nor do I play DotA. But there was one time I watched Nur Kasih half way, lepas tu malas nak follow dah sebab malas nak tercangak depan TV tunggu cerita start kat Bilik TV Blok E. Then now they have Tiramisu (ek?). I couldn’t care less. Sebab tu orang selalu cakap Bella bosan. Honestly, I really am.

Then there’s Korean thing. In my room there’s a whole rack of Korean DVDs – owned by my sister. Every time she comes back from her boarding school, she would download new videos, search for pictures, drool over them. And my brother would be locked in his room watching How I Met Your Mother or whatever series he has in his external drive. Me? I stalk blogs and Tumblr. It’s not like I don’t have movies in my laptop, I do. There’s 90210, 3 Seasons of Gossip Girls, Glee, and like tons of movies and Korean dramas. But I never watched any!

I feel pathetic. Sometimes I wonder if this is normal – not having anything to be passionate of. Macam takde matlamat hidup. (gila exaggerate) -.-“

Suggest me something to crave, boleh tak? Something worth dying for.

Like this one. Click for larger preview.

(WARNING: Tak gelak, serius tak normal.) 

Curik kat sini.

Btw, I didn't even watch AJL.