Sunday, January 2, 2011

Y U No Speak Terengganu?

Feels a bit nostalgic today. Sent Afiq to his school in Shah Alam this afternoon, then Syahirah's to hers later in the evening. Afiq is in Form One (without UPSR qualification), while Syahirah will be having her SPM (after missing her PMR) this year. Apparently our family is not so pro-government that we choose to skip major exams long before they came out with the idea of abolishing them lol.

Afiq's last moments

Familiar much, no?

He's the tallest among us three. Sedih tak? T.T
Makan3 at Syahirah's school - hantar students balik asrama dapat makan, macam kenduri kau nyah!

I remember my very first day being a Form 1 at SMKA Kuala Abang, Terengganu. As my parents left, I was immediately interviewed by the seniors. Nama apa, rumah kat mana, ADA ABANG TAK =.="

And as expected, my biggest problem was to speak their language. Back then I couldn't speak Terengganu so fluently (sekarang dah siap boleh ajar orang lagi kau), so I just spoke in what I was comfortable in, the language we speak at home. Standard Malay. Orang KL lah konon.

And that, also, turned out as a huge problem for them. They couldn't comprehend why I couldn't speak Terengganu when I have been living there for years. And the fact that my brother could (yes, we were in the same school) made it even worse.

Ceh bajet budak KL lah, poyo habis tak nak cakap Terengganu. I felt intimidated. Language barrier was really annoying. I couldn't really click with the students there just because I wasn't in the league.

So I learnt. yes, I literally learnt. I asked word by word. Anything that I didn't understand, I just voiced them out.

Sampai sekarang, pergh, cakap Terengganu macam air.

Except that I still can't speak Terengganu to strangers. I had the same problem initially at SMS Dungun in Form 4. I just couldn't speak Terengganu if I am not used to that person!

Tanya Nabilah, Echuq, Pija. Nadzrul pun boleh.

Kalau cakap slang Terengganu && Kelantan dengan Bella, mesti dia reply KL, walhal faham je orang cakap apa.

I feel so NOOB in that sense.

Ekspresi Noob.

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