Monday, January 10, 2011

Her life still revolves around the same people. (Part II)

SMKA Kuala Abang's products (yang memang takde rupa sekolah agama pun)
From left: Keri, Nazrin, Bella, Pya, Neny, Zepah
The last person to finish his food

Neny 'kiput' oh.
Neny and her twin, Zepah - they share the same birthday!
Cubaan macho yang fail -.-"
UIA tour hosted by Nazrin

Semua pun excited masuk UIA -.-"
Yang paling jakun of course baju putih kat belakang tu. Maklumlah, tak pernah belajar kat U.

Our tour guide, Nazrin --- my childhood playmate cum classmate straight since Standard 2 til early Form 4. And now becoming my driver lol xx.

First time jejak kaki kat UIA despite rumah seringgit je naik bas dari UIA tu. Orientation day memang sangat memenatkan, tapi seronok tak ingat. Jumpa kawan3 baru, kawan3 lama, semua pun ada. Rasa macam nak buat statement --- Saya budak medic UIA >.<"

Facts: Me, Neny, and Pya were in the same 'gang' back at school. After I left the school, often people recognize me as a member of 'Geng Neny'. Even the new Form 4 there who have never met me would refer me as that. Back then we were really 'powerful', macam taiko jugak lah. Semua pun tau geng kitorang - dengan cikgu3 sekali. (obviously not for the good reasons) Me and Pya have been partnerbed since Form 1 til Form 3. Our beds were double-decker, so she took katil bawah while me katil atas, mainly because I don't like to sepah3kan katil sendiri, instead I lepak at hers, that's why her katil selalu tunggang langgang - my kerja la tu. Others in the group would be Nisa, Ruby, Syira, Ceku, Yasmin, Aliya, Farah, Shara, Fa, Mc Chaz (glamour kau). There are all thirteen of us, and sometimes they refer to us as Geng 13 (macam serial killer pulak dah). Our principle was simple -- you hurt one of us, you face ALL of us. Our biggest enemies were of course, BOYS. (weh masa tu tak matured lagi LOL) After Form 4, many of us left, and Neny and Pya were among those who remained.

In the end, it's not the words from your enemies that you remember, it's the silence of your friends.

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