Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Independence doesn't come free; sometimes it comes with an extremely high price - Pride (and Prejudice).

Everyone loves choices. The sentence “I have no choice” often comes with a sigh. Or it’s a strong one, indicating frustration – “But I have no choice!” Sobsobs. *Face turns red, cheek flustered, huge fat tears flowing*

Okay I’m digressing.

A typical normal average UK bound student gets to choose four universities. Often choices are made based on learning style – PBL or Integrated, geographical factor, subjects requirements and undeniably influenced by those people around them.

And perhaps by the level of difficulty and massiveness of assignments the university is well known of.

So I had my time – Newcastle University , University of Leicester , Cardiff University and Queen’s University of Belfast .

I chose Newcastle basically because of the subjects’ requirements – 38 with bonus points, with 6 in Biology and Chemistry HL. Takde Maths, bahagia lah. Leicester .. I’m not sure why myself. With at least 6 for ALL subjects, what did I have in mind when I chose Leicester? *sigh* Cardiff due to its lower requirements of 18 for HL subjects (back then I thought I could at least nail Bio or Chem if I landed with 5 for Maths. And Belfast , obviously, for the “No Interview” reason. Only that later I found out they DO have it, and man, it was tough!

My application to Newcastle was unsuccessful – without even an interview. Frustrated, because it was actually my first choice. Then I managed to secure all three Conditional Offers from LeicesterBelfast and Cardiff .

I personally like the lady form Leicester , and I think it’s mutual. (I guess it’s mainly because she’s from admin, and she didn’t ask much of medical stuff)
Being the last candidate to be interviewed for Belfast , I had a really tough time. It seemed like they were trying to squeeze everything out of me. And I hate the questions!
Sorry, I vaguely remember the interview with Cardiff .

Having to decline an offer from one of the universities, that was when I realized sometimes choices are not always necessary.

Because I often think too much. I create my own scene in my head. The worst scene that could happen. And prior to that, I believe I made the not-so-right choice. 

I was spoilt by choices, and now I’m paying for it.

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