Sunday, April 3, 2011

Of Farah and Khairul.

I love the name Farah. And Farah is usually a first name, something like Nur, Siti, Fatin etc.
Like Farah Afiqah. Farah Shazana. Farah Liyana. Farashafika. (this one's a bit different kot)

And like Farah, the name Khairul also usually works like that.
Khairul Nazrin. Khairul Anuar. Khairul Afiq. Khairul Nizam.

You can hardly find someone with the name of Nur Farah bintisomething or Siti Farah bintisomething. There's always another name after Farah. Though Muhammad Khairul binsomething seems easier to find.

But the best thing is that I have both my own Farah and Khairul in my life. Itu je nak cakap senanye.

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